Microsoft Lumia 535 Made Official in India: 10 Reasons Why the Smartphone will Create News

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Nokia and Microsoft has been carrying out its partnership with the launch of a host of Lumia smartphones. However, that partnership has long been ceased with both walking their own paths now. While Nokia has arrived in news once more with its N1 tablet with Z Launcher, Microsoft is carrying forward the Lumia legacy ahead.

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And now, straight out of its legacy, comes the brand new Lumia 535. We have seen the device leaked in the past all over the web, but never really saw anything official related to the handset. However, all is changing with the official reveal of the Lumia 535 in India.

While the new Lumia has arrived as a brand new installment in the long range of Lumia devices, there are reasons to look forward to this handset. And here are 10 reasons why the Lumia 535 will indeed be a source of big news in coming months.

Microsoft Lumia 535 In Pictures

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It's Microsoft Lumia, Not Nokia Lumia

It hasn't been long since the Redmond-based tech giant severed ties with the Finnish handset maker. Riding on that, the new Lumia is even a more special entry with Microsoft bringing its mobiles divison to the front, while shedding off the Nokia tag. Hence, a lot of focus will be on what is Microsoft first entry into the smartphone market.

Not Much of a Design Upgrade

If you thought Microsoft, after letting go of Nokia from its plans, would actually come around with a device with different designing, you definitely thought it wrong. On the contrary, the company decided to go with the same kind of form factor you would normally expect from a Lumia phone. Although a few did vouch for an upgraded design.

Big on Internal Storage

The issue of internal storage for smartphones, apart from the battery, remain a source of major concern. However, it's good to see the new Microsoft-made Lumia going against the usual norm and offering added internal space inside. While there are a host of phones in the market who still offer a lesser 4GB internal space, the Lumia 535 is offering 8GB.

Big on External Storage, As Well

The Lumia 535 is covering you from both the sides, as far storage capabilities are concerned, as it seems. Not only are you getting internally 8GB of space for all your apps, you can also make use of the external microSD slot that supports a mega 128GB of space. We are sure a 16 or 32GB card does the trick most of the times, but knowing that you have a backup of 128GB is something over the top.

The Latest Windows Phone

The Lumia 535 runs on Windows Phone 8.1, alongside with Denim update. Furthermore, Microsoft on its Lumia Twitter account recently confirmed that all current Windows Phone 8 devices, including Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Lumia will be upgraded to Windows 10 in the future. If that's not good news, we don't know what is.

Dig at the Affordable Price Segment

While smartphones are anyway a big thing in the modern day context, it's even great to know that they can be afforded by most of the interested users, due to the varying prices. And with the launch of the Lumia 535, Microsoft intends to milk the affordable segment ahead of names such as Motorola and Xiaomi.

Plethora of First Party Apps

Microsoft Lumia 535 is loaded with a boatload of first-party apps that stands tall. Although the app catalog on Windows phone is not really where it should be, the first party app suite continues to move on a right direction. The 535 comes pre-loaded with OneDrive, Skype, MS Office and OneNote.

Improved Selfies

The Lumia 535 is a decent device when its dual cameras are concerned. Both the cameras on the device are 5MP each. Like any other brand, Microsoft is looking to capitalize on a market that's apparently crazy about selfies. The 5MP front-facing shooter appears to be nice. Also, this time around, the rear-facing camera comes with a better LED Flash.

Large Display

The device comes with a large 5-inch display, with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. While the resolution may disappoint you, but given the price bracket, it is understandable to have a low resolution screen. But we are sure the color reproduction will be as impressive as ever with the new Lumia.

Power Processor

The Lumia 535 is stuffed with a fast Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz. The phone also offers 1GB of RAM. The fitted processor, contrary to what some think, isn't that dated. On the other hand, It is sufficiently decent for a budget smartphone of this calibre.

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