Mobile Phones-The Instruments For Life!

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Mobile Phones-The Instruments For Life!
When the mobile phones came to the market for the first time, they had been marketed as a business tool. But what are they now? They are the major instruments in life in the present scenario.

Cell phones not only keep users "perpetually available", they also help in stress. For instance when you wait for a late morning train, you can be can be revived by making a call to mum or looking for a work contact.

Nearly two-thirds of all mobile communications monitored were to family and friends. Work-related calls were confined to standard work hours. Only 0.02 per cent interrupted a leisure activity and prompted actual work. Merely 2.6 per cent of the calls were made between 7pm and midnight.

People, who were making heavy use of their mobile phones, did not describe themselves as more rushed than lighter phone users. Most people still think mobile phones split up and rush our lives, but the reality is that it doesn"t seem to be a perniciously accelerating technology.

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