Mobile Phones bringing about Social Change in rural India

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile Phones bringing about Social Change in rural India

Mobile Phones aren't just gadgets but are objects with potential to create a revolution and bring about a change in the society. In India the above statement is true as there are many features & applications of mobiles which have started to revolutionize society & has made people wiser. Mobile Phones have benefited the rural ares and educational institutions of India in a big way.

We list some of the services of mobile phones which have brought about a change in society as well as benefited people immensely. These services & schemes which are aided by mobile phones in India are:

1) Kisan Samachar: Perhaps the best mobile service, it has been implemented in 7 Indian states. This service provides various information to farmers over their mobile phones. Through this, the farmers can also obtain details about various Government schemes, cultivation tips, how to sell their produce without being cheated by middlemen etc. One intriguing factor to note here is that a farmer can receive all this information in local languages as well.

2) IVRS Based Daily Monitoring System: This service is used by the Uttar Pradesh Government in order to track the status of it's mid-day meal scheme. Thus, this mobile service benefits children in schools as all details about the mid-day meal scheme are reported efficiently through mobile phones. Even the quality of the mid-day meal is also checked and reported using this mobile service.

3) Soochna Se Samadhaan Seva: This mobile service provides useful information & details to people living in the rural areas through phone(both cellphones as well as landlines). Through this, all the problems that the people in rural areas are heard & solution from experts is provided over phone. All problems are addressed in this service. Till date this scheme has received over 200,000 queries & has also managed to solve all of these. More & more rural people are taking to this service.

Thus the mobile phone is not only a gadget but is a life-improving gadget as far as the people of India are concerned. Reply with your opinion in our comment section below.


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