Mobile Phones ruling entertainment sector in India

Posted By: Rahul

Mobile Phones ruling entertainment sector in India

Mobile Phones & Smartphones have changed India. Yes, this fact can be proved by looking at the report of a recent survey. The reports state that mobile phones have revolutionized all the sectors of India. Even the entertainment section has fallen prey to the mobile revolution.

The survey also states that people spend around 40% of their time indulging in media related activities on their mobiles/smartphones. This also includes entertainment category searches. This clearly proves that people prefer entertainment on their mobiles. The trend also shows the dependance of people on mobile phones.

Thus, the entertainment sector received a lot of recognition through mobile phones. During this time, people also lost interest in their other gadgets such as computers which had to face rejection from users. Not only entertainment, people even preferred to do shopping over their cellphones rather than use computers.

By observing this, we can say that mobile phone & associated technology is surely storming India. Do reply with your thoughts in our comment section below.

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