Get Shopping Tips On Your Mobile

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Get Shopping Tips On Your Mobile
The Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert has come up with the technology of cell phones' intervention into our daily shopping.

People find it confusing in selecting the brands or places to shop and they end up buying too many things than what they had planned earlier to buy, now with the advent of technology cell phone is going to be our shopping guide. With cell phone we will have a better shopping life, this is going to be a good news for all shop-o-holics.

Lempert said that through cell phones only the best brands will be promoted, people will have only the best to choose from, in short, bad brands will never evade your way and put you into dilemma.

He also wishes that with the technology's fast expansion, the mobile phones could connect to the live cameras which are being used in the poultries so that it can show the consumers, how the animals they eat every day are being taken care of.

He said, "we want to know where our food comes from, we want to know about the company, we want to know who the investors are. It''s about sustainability and traceability."

This shopping guide enabled cell phone will provide people a better shopping experience.

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