Motorola Confirms Moto X is Coming in October: How Will It Combat the Android Biggies?

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Remember the leaks about the mystery upcoming smartphone from Motorola? The company's chairman Dennis Woodside has confirmed the existence of the upcoming smartphone at a conference with All Things D. Reportedly, Dennis has claimed that the device is going to be called the Moto X. Besides the new hero phone, the company will be launching handful of other phones, said Dennis.

Motorola Confirms Moto X is Coming in October

Motorola will be setting up manufacturing facility in Texas and will be creating 2,000 jobs to produce its new flagship device. Moto X will be the first smartphone that will be manufactured in the US. However, the processors are from Taiwan and the OLED screens are from Korea. The device. The Moto X will apparently come with two processors in order to better manage power and will also come equipped with various sensors. Dennis says that the phone will be like no other. It comes with contextual awareness, able to anticipate needs of the user. It will know when you take it out of your pocket or put it back in, the phone will know when you are driving a car, the phone can predict and switch on the camera automatically when the user will want to take a picture.

Motorola has been silent, ever since it was acquired by Google, Moto X can be the company's ticket into the smartphone race. The device does seem to have some unique capabilities that are not found in other devices. Will the company have an added advantage, now that it belongs to Google? Dennis says "We are owned by Google so there are lots of areas (of Google) that support us. We have no access to Android code. We are managed by their partner managers. There is no advantage that has been conferred to us.

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