Motorola-Google Smartwatch Leaks Online: It's Coming This Year

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In the Motorola press conference which took place in MWC 2014, happening in Barcelona, Spain, the American tech firm confirmed on its plans to announce the first-generation smartwatch in 2014.

Looks like, Motorola Mobility was keen on pushing a smartwatch during its time at Google, moving on, the tech blog Android Police has leaked a prototype of the Motorola Google upcomnig smartwatch in a series of pictures recently.

According to sources close to blog site, Motorola's first-generation smartwatch was allegedly being called "Google Watch". The intelligent watch was supposed to fall under Nexus range of devices. Google Nexus lineup of device run the Android mobile OS.

Motorola, once a Google owned company, was designing and producing a smartwatch, dubbed the "Gem". However, the project was shelved citing unknown reasons. The smartwatch was heavily rumored to be announced in 2013.

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Motorola-Google Smartwatch Leaks Online: It's Coming This Year

The intelligent watch was destined to feature a square shaped monochrome display, a rocker just above the screen, a power button on the lower left face, and a capacitive back button under the display. It was also set to incorporate "3 Bit mode Apps", a voice search command feature and more. It should be noted that what we are looking here is a prototype or developer version, not the final product.

Unfortunately, the so-called "Google Watch" would never ever make in to the market. In the meantime, both Google and Motorola are actively involved in making respective smartwatches.

Reportedly, Google Inc, is said to collaborate with LG, the makers behind Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, on a smartwatch, pegged to be showcased at this year's Google I/0 in June.

Meanwhile, Motorola has already clarified that the company will announce its first ever intelligent watch later this year. Motorola, now owned by Lenovo Group, said that the intelligent watch will be different from what its competitors are currently making. It may offer better battery life and mesmerizing design.

At the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung and Huawei unveiled respective wearable computing devices.

According to a report by Canalys Research, as many as 1.6 million smart bands, such as those used to monitor fitness, were shipped in the second half of 2013.

Further, shipments of wearable devices could reach a total of 8 million in 2014, over 23 million units by 2015, and over 45 million by 2017.

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