Motorola Moto E India Release: How Does it Fare Against Nokia Lumia 630 [Specs Comparison]

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Motorola has already tried and tested the Indian market courtesy of its previously released Moto G handset that brought quite a revolution into the Indian market in the low-to-mid range segment. However, Motorola is planning yet again to get into similar waters in the market with the new and upcoming Moto E.

As of now, Motorola, currently under Lenovo Group, is all set to announce its latest affordable smartphone, the Moto E, today in a Delhi-based event.

Motorola Moto Vs Nokia Lumia 630: Specs Comparison

The Moto E budget phone has been spotted online frequently a number of times in the past few weeks. Moreover, it wasn't long ago when the Moto E was accidently spotted on Motorola's Mexico Facebook page.

Apart from that, a number of "official" press shots of the Motorola Moto E also turned up online recently ahead of the anticipated launch of the new budget handset on Tuesday.

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The alleged pictures, which appeared on the social network and some online retailers, showed how the Moto E looks identical to the Moto G in respect to design and form factor.

The Nokia Lumia 630, on the other hand, has already been launched with a lot of expectations pinned to the device. Again, the new Lumia comes in at a time when a host of different vendors are already flooding the concerned segment in the market.

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So currently with the Moto E handset release right round corner, what are the things that could make the Motorola-made device go head-to-head against the new Lumia 630? Here's a detailed comparison between the both.

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Motorola Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 630: Display and Design

As we mentioned before, the Moto E has already made several rounds on the web via a host of leaks, rumors and speculations. However, if going by the leaks on the web, expect the Moto E to be designed on the same lines as that of the Moto G.

Apart from that, it also seems like potential customers, on release, will have the option of pick up the smartphone in a variety of colors with black, white, yellow and teal hues all appearing online, thanks to the leaking abilities of the very reliable @evleaks.

Also, other rumors related to the device, in the past, have already spoken about a very slender 6.2mm profile for the new device, making it one of the slimmest smartphones currently in the market.

As far as numbers are concerned, the Nokia Lumia 630 comes sporting a 4.5-inch screen IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 129.5 x 66.7 x 9.2 mm dimensions. The Moto E, on the other hand, has been listed on Flipkart to arrive with a slighlty lesser 4.3-inch display.

Motorola Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 630: Camera

As expected from what we initially heard via rumors, the Moto E is offering the same 5MP camera that you find on the Moto G. The Nokia Lumia 630 also offers a 5MP camera in this respect.

Sadly enough, the Moto E will arrive without a front-facing snapper -- not a great news for young customers.

Motorola Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 630: Operating System

This one's certainly no bummer since the Moto E was anyway expected to arrive running the latest Google-based Android KitKat operating system. That has been the highlight of the device all the while, and we don't see Motorola deviating from that.

The Nokia Lumia 630, on the other hand, comes running the latest Microsoft-based Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.


Motorola Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 630: Processors

The Processor segment could turn out to be the most highlighted thing when put both the handsets side by side. While the Moto E is set to arrive with a 1.2 GHz MSM8x10 Dual Core Processor, it's Nokia counterpart already boasts a better 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 processor.

Motorola Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 630: Memory and Battery

Apart from the device arriving with the latest Android KitKat update, the Moto E is set to come sporting 1GB of RAM with 4GB of internal memory. The device's memory could be further expanded via a microSD card up to 32 GB. The device is also set to arrive juiced via a 1980 mAh Li-Ion battery.

The Lumia 630, on the other hand, comes with a slightly lesser Li-Ion 1830 mAh battery. However, the device comes 512MB of RAM with 8GB of internal memory. The device can also supports microSD support up to 128GB.

Motorola Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 630: Price

While the Motorola Moto E will be made available to public at an amazing price tag of Rs. 6,999, The Lumia 630 has been currently put up for sale at Rs. 11,500.

Motorola Moto E vs Nokia Lumia 630: Verdict

The Lumia 630 comes bearing dual SIM capabilities alongside the latest Windows Phone OS build. However, the price tag of little over 11k could be a great option for all those looking ahead to invest on a new device.

However, if the price factor is indeed worth the mention, then there's no reason why even the Moto E cannot be a crowd puller directly from the release day. And with a price of tag of little less than 7k, with the newest Android OS at its base, it will only be normal if the Moto E sees far more popularity compared to the Lumia 630

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