Motorola Razr Maxx to come with unlocked bootloader

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Motorola Razr Maxx to come with unlocked bootloader

Motorola considered being a pioneer in the manufacture of consumer electronic products especially smartphones has recently announced that their Motorola Razr Maxx smartphone is all set to make use of unlocked bootloader. The company said in an official statement that the smartphone still oblige to the carrier as well as regulatory obligations and steadily accompanies the necessities being expressed by the developer community.

Motorola’s blog post which is still available in the Google Reader claims that MOTODEV site is the one which will offer support for unlocking, relocking as well as locating build files for the specified DE model. The site also allows the customers based on United States to know when they will be getting a similar model smartphone in their country.

The functioning of Motorola is effective in certain ways since it was proved that the company responded quickly regarding the customer’s complaints that the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx provides only a short battery life on their LTE enabled android units. Motorola responded by releasing a 3300 mAh battery for Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. On the other hand, the company was seen slow in offering phones with unlocked bootloaders as well as the required tools to unlock the older models.

Some of the key features that Motorola Droid Razr Maxx is expected to arrive with includes the presence of a powerful battery that is capable of providing a whopping 21 hours of talk time. Other features include a thickness of around 8.9 mm and also the presence of a 32GB expandable microSD card slot. Verizon is expected to provide this device for the users for an approximate price of $300 that is followed by a two year contract.

Some of the key features that are expected to come with the Motorola Razr DE include;

  • AMOLED advanced screen

  • Stylish and sleek Design

Last October, the company said in an official statement that Razr would be the first smartphone that will arrive with the solution to unlock the bootloader. They also said that it is up to the carrier to decide whether or not to offer it. Verizon made it clear that they won’t be offering the solution to unlock the bootloaders in the Razr device in which they are the carrier.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx Developer Edition that makes use of unlocked bootloader is expected to make its first presence in Europe. It is still remaining to be seen how successful the product will be once it is launched in to the international market.

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