Motorola SmartWatch With Flexible Display Revealed in New Patent Application

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Wearable computing devices- be it in the form of a smartwatch or wrist band, are set to become more mature with the passing of time. With tech vendors like Motorola already started working on such devices, the time is not far off when consumers actually will start using them in their daily lives.

Motorola, a Google owned company, might be planning to release an intelligent watch with a flexible display. The US patent and trademark Office has published a patent filed by Motorola back in June 19, 2012. Therefore, it is safe to say that Motorola had been working on a smart watch for quite some time.

Motorola has filed patents related to wearable devices earlier as well but this patent gives a clear view of what to expect from Motorola in the coming months to come.

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Motorola SmartWatch With Flexible Display Revealed via New Patent

The patent details a partial picture of Motorola's upcoming smart watch. The concept smart watch appears to have a bendable flexible display where both band and screen flex together to wrap around your wrist. The watch might be made of metal that would actually handle bendable display.

This year we saw the first generation bendable phones with a flexible display out in the market. It is too early to comment upon Motorola's first generation smart watch. It seems that Motorola is working hard to bring the watch on time to capture a sizable market share, before Apple announces its dream iWatch.

Meanwhile, Google was supposed to launch its own branded smart watch in October this year. Of course that didn't happen but at the same time the Wall Street Journal reported that Google's own smart watch could be ready within months.

Codename ‘Gem', the intelligent watch is expected to run the latest version of Android and will be heavily integrated with Google Now. Nothing much is known about the watch in terms of hardware and features. Stay tuned to GizBot for more updates!

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