Motorola X Phone Unlikely To Be Customizable

By: Anuj Bhatia

After the coming of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z, there is yet another high profile player, who will be flaunting its muscles in May. Yes! It’s none other than Motorola X Phone: the crazy beast which could dethrone Samsung from its numero uno position. Until now, it is unclear that whether Motorola X stands for a series of Android device or one single premium device. Reports also claim that Google’s ambitious project - Motorola X will be sold via Google Play.

Another interesting thing about Motorola X is its customizable nature. It is said that the device or series of devices under Motorola X, would be customizable to such an extent that users can even pick processor/RAM of their choice and build complete handset as per their liking. The handset can be delivered to your place in a week’s time. As Dell or HP did it long time back, Google is also trying to give Motorola as new face value. After all modern day mobile phone is not less than PCs.

Motorola X Phone Unlikely To Be Customizable

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Now reports from Phone Arena states that Motorola X Phone is” highly unlikely to be customizable “. Sources close to the blog shuns reports swirling in the internet. Right now, Motorola has no such plans, but in the future it could happen. Now Motorola is being managed by Google, and to make sure Motorola gets maximum publicity (far better than Samsung managed to get), “Customizable options “seems real. If Google can sell Nexus 4 on Google Play at such dirt price then why can’t the owner experiment with a noble idea?

Motorola Advisor Guy Kawasaki (via AndroidandMe) wrote on his Google + account, “ Wouldn't be it great if you could personalize your phone like this “. Mr. Kawasaki was actually pointing at Porsche’s “Exclusive program” (YouTube Video). Porsche, a brand that cannot be challenged easily offers such privilege to its customers. Customers can choose different paint color or internals, as per their wish. It is not known why Guy Kawasaki who works at Motorola appreciating Porsche’s novel idea. As the internet is abuzz with Motorola X Phone rumors and on the top of it Guy Kawasaki’s intention of highly customizable phones hints at something exploding.

All the action will likely to take place at Google I/O 2013. It is speculated that Google is preparing Motorola X Phone as a rival device to tackle Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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