Mozilla, ZTE to Launch Firefox OS Smartphone in Early 2013 [REPORT]

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Mozilla the creator of software engine Firefox, is teaming up with popular Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE in an attempt to the first Firefox OS phone by the first quarter of 2013. The strategy of both parties is to develop a mobile operating system which will use the html rendering engine of Firefox allowing developers to write applications in language used in development of websites. 

Mozilla is clearly making an effort to restore the lost glory of web apps which lost its relevancy with the popularity of mobile apps. ZTE has already announced that it will unveil a phone running Mozilla’s operating system by later part of this year or early next year. ZTE’s spokesperson David Dai Shu was quoted saying,” We are trying to increase our efforts in coming up with our own operating system, while introducing products based on Android.” 

Reports suggest that ZTE is trying to make a change from its usual practice of being Google reliant. The new tie up with Mozilla is in that direction. A major Chinese manufacturer releasing Firefox OS based phone will be a huge blow to Google’s Android plans. 

As per the initial reports, phones running on Firefox OS will be available at a price range of $100-$115(Rs. 5,400-6,200). However there are skepticisms going about how such phones will be received in the market. ZTE’s phones running on Firefox OS will have to face stiff competition from the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Ace II and Galaxy Mini II which are highly efficient and also cost effective.

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