MTS Livewire & mTag: New Android Phones!

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MTS Livewire & mTag: New Android Phones!
MTS brings android mobile phones at a price range below Rs. 4000……..


Wait, there is a lot more to be shocked and surprised because the handset has almost every features which a smart phone can deliver at world class quality.

As you know MTS in one of the rapidly growing CDMA mobile operator which has already occupied a huge market share in India today. The latest phones are also on CDMA platform which is totally locked. Locked in the sense you cannot use any other SIM of different network providers in the phones. There are two options available, that is the postpaid ad prepaid options through which you can avail these handsets. The two handsets are named MTS Livewire and Mtag 3.

As told earlier there are both prepaid and post paid options, for prepaid the user need to pay an integrated price of Rs. 4,999 and Rs. 5,499 respectively for MTS livewire and Mtag 3.1. However it is different in the case of postpaid users because they need to pay only Rs. 2,999 for Livewire and Rs. 3,499 for Mtag. The contract period will extend only up to 12 months. Moreover the postpaid users also get added benefits such as 250 MB of data, 250 minutes and 250 SMS free. This is on monthly basis, provided the user has to pay a monthly rental of 250 for the first 12 months.

Looking into the specification and features of the handsets, the MTS livewire is build on the android 2.2 Froyo platform which also has a camera with 3.2 mega pixel and high resolution to capture brilliant pictures. The processor ensures high performance and elegant battery back up are some of the special features on the MTS Livewire smartphone which is promoted by ZTE. Where as another smartphone MTS mTag 3.1 is considered, it is also very efficient mobile phone which is promoted by Huawei. There is a 2.8 inches wide touch screen facility in the handset along with 3.2 mega pixel camera. Most distinguishing feature is the availability of MTS TV application in the handset. This application ensures that the user can avail in demand video playback.

Apart form all these features the both smartphones MTS livewire and mTag 3.1, has been incorporated with social networking facilities such as Facebook and Google talk. There is also Google maps and Youtube.

Now, this is a perfect strategy implemented by MTS to tap the interest of users towards smartphones and it advantages. There are still smartphone in the market available on android 2.2 Froyo platforms with a price tag above Rs 10,000. Such mobile phones will find the latest step by MTS very crucial.

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