MTS Launches Budget Phones

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MTS Launches Budget Phones
The Android fever is rapidly influencing every mobile phone players across the globe. The world is curious to know more about any new handset which comes into the market with android specification.

To tap the interest of mobile users in Android handsets, MTS has launched a new two budget Android handsets into the Indian market. Sistema Shyam TeleServices, the telecom service operator under MTS has declared about the latest step taken by the company.

The ergonomically well designed handset looks very unique in style. One with black finishing and the other one with silver metallic finishing are very elegant and incorporate Snapdragon S1 processor. The handsets are named MTS MTAG 3.1 and MTS livewire.

Along with all the specifications that any medium range handsets include, the Android phones are expected to become the favourite of users very soon. The android Smartphones are affordable and excellent in performance.

The speciality is that these MTS products comes with enough specifications and features to enhance the social networking of users.

There are no much details available about the specifications and features of the MTS Android mobile phones. As per the sources, MTS MTAG 3.1 has 2.8 inches wide screen with 240 x 300 resolutions. Moreover, it also features 3.2 mega pixel camera and other facilities including multi-format audio/video player. MTS livewire also has 3.2 camera included in it.

Another most notable feature is the TV option, which is available in both the handsets. As this is a common feature in both the new release, it is clear that the manufacturers are focusing more on enhancing the TV facility for user by Live TV on demand application.

Immense options for social networking with pre loaded application which supports facebook, Google talk, Nibooz and etc. more over the Google Maps can navigate you anywhere you go. This particular pre loaded application is like a travel guide. It will help you to find the way in any new city you go.

The manufactures said that the handsets are specially designed for the Indian condition with superb battery which is rich in providing good power.

MTS MTAG 3.1 and MTS livewire will enhance you with a royal look in parties, events or other functions. And it is because the most admirable speciality is the well managed design and style of the handset which has a royal impact. Both the handsets support CDMA network service.

MTS has put an end to the speculations and doubts in the mobile world that low cost mobile phones cannot support android. MTS proved that the speculations were wrong.
The MTS MTAG 3.1 and MTS livewire is priced under the range of Rs 5000.

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