Mugen Power Introduces Motorola Moto X Case With 2800mAh battery, MicroSD Slot

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In case you don't know about Mugen Power Batteries, it is one of the most popular name as far as high-capacity batteries for devices are concerned. And it seems like the company is out with a treat for all the Moto X users.

According to reports, the company has launched the brand new MOTO X Mugen Power 2800mAh Extended Protective Battery for Motorola Moto X, offering protection to the users. Apart from that, there's also an SD card storage.

Mugen Power Introduces Motorola Moto X Case With 2800mAh battery

Normally, the Moto X offers 2200 mAh battery out of the box that would normally last a whole day with average use. However, the added 2800mAh battery in the case makes it 5000mAh in total. And it should be enough to offer you up to 2 days of battery life even with heavy usage.

"Motorola Moto X owners are often reported to complain about short battery life of the device. We worked hard on this project and managed to fit exceptional battery life, additional protection and SD card slot which naturally works with Android into this case." said Nikolai Lebedovsky, CEO at Mugen Power.

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"Our solution gives customers added battery life to stay connected longer without recharges and make more with the smartphone than ever before."

Apart from that, as you may know, the Moto X has only 12GB of usable storage out of 16GB of internal storage. And realistically, that's too less. However, the SD card slot in the case should allow you to bypass any problems related to space.

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The Mugen Power 2800mAh Protective Extended Battery Case for Motorola Moto X has been priced at US$89.50 (around Rs. 5,500)and is available for purchase from Mugen Power Batteries.

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