New Age Wireless Phones: The Airtouch HomeConneX X1500

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New Age Wireless Phones: The Airtouch HomeConneX X1500

Both the land line and the mobile phones have their own advantages and disadvantages. In an office or business environment it is advisable to use a land line for common use other than a mobile phone. The major factor that limits the use of the land line is its chord. So what if you can avoid the chords in a land line?

Air Touch communications which is one of the worlds prominent companies that designs and manufactures wireless telecommunication devices announced their newest model HomeConneX X1500. The device is also Verizon wireless 3G certified. This gadget gives its users the advantage of eliminating the wires to the land line service but at the same time maintaining the very good voice quality and data rates. Apart from functioning as a land line the device the system can be used for data services, to receive and send messages and can even receive voice mail alerts. The device can work along with up to six wireless hand sets. The main system includes a base station, which obviously are wireless and a cordless handset.

The major factor that increases the cost of a home telecommunication network is the wires. The wires have to run from the main telephone network to the office and also in between the main base device and the numerous landlines present in the office. Doing the wiring for all the landlines is very complex and hugely time consuming. One other problem is that if a fault occurs in a particular line it is very difficult to pin point where exactly the fault has occurred and take remedial measures. Even if the fault is found out the entire system will have to be shut down from the base station to do repairs. Also other added wiring comes in the form of LAN cables. To spread the internet access to all the computers in the network lot of individual wiring has to be done to each computer or laptop from the main hub. This is also time consuming, stressful and expensive.

HomeConneX X1500 very well combines all the advantages of a land line with the services of a cellular network provider and mobile phone. The individual land lines in different parts of the office can be swapped with their wireless counterparts and this ensures ease of use and peace of mind. The LAN port in the device can be used to connect directly to an Ethernet cable and joined with a laptop to access the internet. One other option is that the wireless router which is supplied by AirTouch can be plugged into the LAN port creating a Wi-Fi environment. The router can be used to distribute the required data wirelessly to the respective laptops or Wi-Fi enabled devices. By doing so the need for wires is completely eliminated which can save huge amounts of money and space.

A proprietary communication always exists between the cordless hand set and the base station and this ensures that the audio quality is as good as a regular land line. This cutting edge technology is patented by AirTouch. HomeConneX X1500 is 10 times more powerful and efficient than a normal cellular device and still the power emitted from the hand set during communication is much lower than from a mobile phone.

The price of the whole system is not announced but it can be expected to be very reasonable.

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