New Chaze branded phones to debut in India

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New Chaze branded phones to debut in India

More and more mobile manufactures are coming up with new handset models in the Indian market attracted by the huge growth over the last couple of years. Since the demand for mobile phone is at an ever time high these manufactures intent to gain a moderate chunk of the market share.

K.R Mangalam group is the newest entrant in this field. They launched their series of mobile phones under the brand name Chaze.

The features of Chaze mobile phones are:

  • Affordable

  • Amazing battery back up

  • Multimedia support

  • Stylish

The company launched altogether 7 mobile phones. The mobile phones are named as a C sequence with numbers like C123 and C245.

C123 is a dual SIM mobile. This means that the mobile phone can work with two network providers at the same time. One amazing fact of this mobile phone is its battery back up. It features a powerful 1800mAh battery. This battery can provide the phone with a stand by time of 30 days.

C245 has a 3000 mAh battery. This can provide the phone with about 55 days stand by time.C133 features a spy cam. It also has built in loud speakers.C159 is a K series model. It features some amazing design and comes in very vibrant colours. It is a mobile surely intended for the youth.

C249 has a feature which is termed by the company as a public announcement system. It uses 2030 box speakers and has K series amplifier. This allows the mobile phone to provide some pretty powerful sound output. The company has also introduced phones with touch screens.C234 is a touch and type phone. That is it comes with a touch screen display along with an alpha numeric keypad. This lets the user navigate very easily through the menus and also type messages very easily.C333 is a full touch phone .Its touch screen is sufficiently sensitive and the mobile consists of lot of inbuilt applications and games.

All the mobile phones come loaded with a mobile tracker so you can easily find your mobile once it is lost. They all also feature an astrology pack which is loaded with astrology applications like numerology, Rahu kaalam and Kundali Milap. The phones have multimedia functionality and they support audio and video files. Social networking applications that gives the user unlimited access to social networking sites like facebook are also integrated in the phones.

Chaze is being marketed as a youth centric mobile and hence all these features. The price tag of all these mobile phones are in the affordable range, though yet to be disclosed officially. These models will be soon coming to a showroom near you.

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