New Samsung Patent Hints At Foldable Smartphone Display, Again

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Samsung is back in news. But this time around, it's back in the grid for the same rumor that we have seen emerging so many number of times in the past. You guessed it right. We are back to base one with foldable displays.

As revealed via the new reports, Samsung has filed a brand new patent that shows future Samsung smartphones with a foldable display that will be able to fold both backward and forward without damaging the display.

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New Samsung Patent Hints At Foldable Smartphone Display, Again

The new patent also describes how the smartphone can also be used in a folded position for various tasks such as a calendar or an alarm clock through specific applications. Although it is to be remembered that this is just off a patent and nothing has been finalized.

"Samsung's invention generally relates to a flexible terminal such as a future smartphone capable of bending or folding both forward and backward without any damage to the display," a Patentlymobile report states.

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"Samsung's patent also goes into detail about how the design is able to hold a folded position by the user such as the one noted in our cover graphic so that it could be used as an alarm clock, a calendar or whatever the user wants it to be while in the folded position using various apps."

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The new patent, apparently, was published via the US Patent & Trademark Office last week. But more on it is yet to be gathered on this new display technology.

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