10 Reasons Why You Should Wait For Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7

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The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to to see until the fall of 2016, it's quite a way off. But, the company's next-gen iPhone is likely to named as the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus and is expected coming in the fall of 2015. Apple uses the "S" naming formula to mark years where the iPhone does not get major redesign.

This year will also mark an "S" iPhone upgrade year, where the company will introduced new features like an improved camera, Force Touch and Apple A9 chipset. However, the 2016 will bring an all-new iPhone design.

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Actually, we are too far from the iPhone 7 launch to know what the new device will look like, but its worth waiting for the newer iPhone as Apple will continue its standard of introducing more powerful, efficient smartphone.

We have seen many rumored specification and leaked images of the upcoming iPhone. Recently, a couple of images of rumored iPhone 6S sporting a Rose Gold color has been spotted on Chinese social media site.

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Apple fans are starting to make decisions on whether to but a new iPhone 6 / 6 Plus or wait for the company to announce the next generation iPhone this fall. This post will show you the biggest reason not but buy the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus and wait for the upcoming iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. Take a look at the slider below for more details.

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Force Touch

It would be surprising if the next iPhone didn't support Force Touch. However, the latest iOS bring in the Force Touch, just like Apple Watch. Which means, the upcoming iPhone with iOS 9 running will come with Force Touch feature.

Improved Performance

Rumor mill suggests that, the upcoming iPhone will be packed with 2GB of RAM, just like the iPad Air 2. Furthermore, rumors also pointed that the next iPhone will be powered by next-gen A9 chipset.

Refreshed Design

The iPhone 6S is rumored to be ticker and bigger than the current iPhone 6. The inclusion of Force Touch will make the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus a bit thicker. If that's the case, then it can be a good thing as there won't be protruding camera lens on the back.

Bigger Battery

Apple is expected to add slightly bigger battery inside the next iPhone. The upcoming phone is expected to be slightly thicker and longer, which makes a little more room to get a slightly bigger battery.


The iOS 9 beta code reveals that the next iPhone will come with a front-facing camera that features 1080p video recording capabilities along with flash support. While, rumors also pointed that the next iPhone will pack a 12 megapixel primary camera.

iPhone in Colors

Recently, a couple of iPhone images were leaked on a Chinese social media website. The leaked images shows that the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus will come in rose gold color option. Know more here.

Higher Resolution Display

Apple has already came up with Retina Display. While the pixel density of iPhone 6 Plus display has almost outraged the other smartphone. It is expected that the company could go ever higher in display resolution for the next-generation iPhone.


It looks like the lowest storage offering will be 16GB. But, as the next iPhone will be powered by the latest iOS 9, then it is expected that smartphone will come with 64GB and 128GB models.

UBS-C Port

It is highly rumored that the next generation iPhone could be featuring the USB-C port just like the new 12 inch MacBook.

Release Date

Apple is expected to launch a couple of iPhones probably this year. According to a leak information from network provider Vodafone, Apple migh announce the next generation of iPhones sometime in September 2015, just like last year.

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