Dirty Phone Facts: 5 Things That Are Cleaner Than Your Smartphone

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How many times in a day you touch your mobile? Well, you touch your cell phone all the time, and even keep it close when you are not holding it. Have you ever thought how dirty your cell phones could be?

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We always touch dirty things, and eventually we always keep touching our phones as well, which transfers that bacteria to our devices. We wash our hands, but never clean our phones! Research suggests that, phones are known to carry 82 percent of the most common bacteria which have also been identified on people's fingers.

Here are the things that are probably cleaner than your phones, check out the slideshow.

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Lets face it, your cell phone does have germs, even more than public toilets. There are about 25,000 germs per square inch on the average touchscreen smartphone, while about 1,201 bacteria per square inch on public toilets.

In fact, research shows that 92 percent of phones have bacteria on them and 16 percent of hands and phones have E.coil, a bacteria that is found in faces. While, 82 percent of hands have bacteria on them.


Yes, door knobs are another source of germs we usually come across. The door knobs are another which comes close to cell phone bacteria saturation. Door knobs contain 8,643 bacteria per square inch.

Kitchen counters usually covered with germs every day, from coffee cups, food scraps and uncooked meat, Kitchen counter tops has about 1,736 bacteria per square inch.

Technically, we heard about how dog's mouths are cleaner than human mouths. But it doesn't keep the germs away from their dog dishes. On an average, the pet's eating bowl has about 2,110 bacteria per square inch.

We always use checkout screen to save few minutes at the check-out line in the grocery store or use ATMs to avoid of standing in long queue. While, the checkout screen or the ATM contains around 4,500 bacteria per square inch.

There are many products that can keep your smartphone clean, bacteria free. But, among the products available to clean mobiles phones, some are known to cause damage to screen coatings, and often fail to remove all the germs. Surprisingly, even wiping phone with a wet wipe or tissue paper might not get the job done. However, there are also UV light cleaners that disinfect your phone's surface. Unfortunately, they are not easily available and quite expensive as well.

Meanwhile, the cost effective way to clean your smartphone is by washing it with water. Yes, as we wash your hands we need to wash your smartphone with water. To know more about the waterproof smartphone visit here Dirty Phones.

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