8 Boldest and Shameless iPhone Clones Ever

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As we all know, everyone would like to own an Apple iPhone, whether its a iPhone 4s or the latest device iPhone 6s. But the only thing prevents us by doing so, is the cost of the device, which is indeed sky rocketting.

In order to replace the iPhones, some handset makers decided to manufacture the replica of the device exactly in the same manner, but, with the different names!

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And one more thing, if you are techie you can easily notice that when every time Apple releases a new iPhone, every time again Chinese releases a clone of iPhone.

So without wasting any moments, lets turn our heads to some of the boldest and shameless smartphone manufacturers, who blatently copied the designs of iPhone devices. Do swirl through the below sliders:

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Xphone 6

This iPhone 6 replica is one of the best and baltently copied phone we've ever seen. Inspired by Apple it also comes with the same set of accessories, which you will get in original box.


This device copies the iPhone 4 model and comes with one year warranty. You can buy this device with no contracts, no rate plans. It is available at $239 (approx Rs. 15,538)

iPhone Nano

What will you call, when you have a iPhone with the size of iPod Nano? Its "iPhone Nano"

Pic Courtesy: Gadgetzone.nl



If copying is an art, then this company is the Picasso of it. Looks similar right ? Yes it is a clone iPhone 3S. The best thing is even the wallpaper has been copied.

Goophone i6 & i6 Plus

Yet another replica of iPhone 6 series we stumbled upon! This device was launched even before the launch of iPhone 6. Moreover, this company got a great record of cloning major flagships and they're famous for cloning Apple iPhones.

Dakele Big Cola 3

Apart from the cloned design, this device is said to come with great specs for the price. The phone is priced at $243 (approx Rs. 15,786)

Texet iX-maxi

Apple has garned so much of love! Isnt it ? This device is not from China! But Russia! As per PhoneArena, this is the best built cloned iPhone ever. This is available at $175 (approx Rs. 11,368)

Sophone i6

With a crappy specs, it another iPhone 6 clone. It is available at $140 (approx Rs. 9,100)

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