After Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Apple iPhone 7 Explodes

    The tug of war between the two technology giants - Samsung and iPhone doesn't seem to end, whether its about bringing new smartphones or exploding.

    After Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Apple iPhone 7 Explodes

    After Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions hit the headlines, iPhone 7 is supposedly following Samsung's footsteps.

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    Number '7' seems to be an extremely unlucky number for the smartphone giants including both Samsung and Apple.

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    After numerous incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blasts, how can iPhone stay far away in the competition? It is very recently that a Reddit user posted pictures of his matte black iPhone 7 Plus that exploded inside the package box.

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    Apple Following Samsung's Footsteps

    Apple has often accused Samsung of following them, and get inspired by their design and concept for several years. However, it seems to be the other way around now.

    After several Samsung Note 7 explodsions, Apple is not quite far from the race after its flagship iPhone 7 Plus recently exploded.


    What Exactly Happened?

    The Reddit user, Kroopthesnoop recently shared a few pictures of his burnt up matte black iPhone 7 Plus. The caption stated -"Something happened between the factory and delivery."

    Unlike Samsung, the iPhone is a step ahead as it exploded before even the purchaser could use it. So, Apple absolutely can't claim the user of mishandling the phone.

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    The Horrifying iPhone 7 Explode

    The images posted by the user clearly shows not only the phone is a burnt state but also the deformed box inside which the iPhone 7 has been supposedly exploded. It's when the user received the iPhone 7 delivery, the phone was found it in the burnt state.

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    Apple is Numb About the Incident

    Like Samsung took quick initiatives to replace the exploded batteries and requested all the Note 7 users to opt for a replacement, Apple seems to be absolutely silent about the iPhone 7 blast.

    It has been days that the photos of the iPhone 7 explode were put up on Reddit, however, Apple seems to have been silent and has still not commented anything yet. Although the user has asked for a replacement, Apple has still not uttered a word about the request.


    Incidents of Smartphones Catching Fire is Rising

    It's not only iPhone or Samsung that has been set on fire, Xiaomi Mi 4i is not too far in the race. Its very recently that Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 4 exploded.

    Considering the uncountable incidents of smartphone explode, there a clear doubt if a smartphone can be soon the cause of human loss. More than mobile phones do good to us, it is becoming more and riskier every passing day.

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