Android 13 OS Minimum Hardware Requirements Revealed: 2GB RAM, 16GB Storage Is Must


Google announced a light version of Android OS called Android GO Edition back in 2017 for affordable smartphones with entry-level specifications. It was released to cater to users who had an entry-level smartphone, and according to IDC mobile phone tracker, 57 percent of all the phones shipped globally are low-end devices.

Android 13 OS Minimum Hardware Requirements Revealed

Android Go Edition is designed to allow OEMs to design and manufacture affordable smartphones with less RAM and uses and limited data. Since the launch, Android has been redefining the minimum hardware requirement for phones running on Android Go Edition.

Back in 2018, when Android 8 OS-based Go Edition was released, the minimum RAM requirement was set to 512GB. With the latest Android 13 Go Edition, a device should have a minimum of 2GB of RAM along with 16GB of internal storage.

With more hardware resources, even the Android Go Edition-based smartphones will be able to deliver a smoother user experience, which includes faster app launches, longer battery life, easier app sharing, and improved privacy controls.

Android has also partnered with OEMs like Jio, Samsung, Realme, and Xiaomi to build and promote more affordable smartphones based on the Android Go Edition that can handle normal day-to-day operations just like a regular smartphone running on the standard version of Android OS.

Along with this, Android has set several guidelines for app developers to optimize apps and services even for the Go Edition. While developers might not be able to offer the smoothest experience on an Android Go Edition smartphone like a regular device, this new set of instructions will help developers to deliver the best possible experience even on the entry-level smartphone.

What Does This Mean To Users?

If you are planning to buy a new entry-level smartphone, that too one with Android Go Edition, then make sure to get a device that has at least 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage. This ensures that the phone will keep up with the future hardware needs and could even receive an Android 13 Go Edition update in the coming days.


Good News For JioPhone And Redmi A1 Users

The JioPhone and the Redmi A1 are currently some of the most popular Android Go Edition smartphones in India. As these devices offer 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, these phones are likely to receive an Android 13 Go Edition update in the coming days. So, if you have either of these devices or planning to get one, you are likely to get a smooth user experience.

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