Android Nougat adoption rate finally crosses the 1 percent mark

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Well, it's been almost six months since Android Nougat OS was officially released but it has really taken a long time to reach many of the devices that are in the market right now. While Android OS is used in a lot of smartphones today, the latest distribution data of the OS reveals that Nougat has finally gone past 1 percent of Android devices.

Android Nougat adoption rate finally crosses the 1 percent mark

According to the latest data, the total adoption statistics of Nougat is at 1.2 percent where Android 7.0 is higher than that of Android 7.1. The data also shows 0.9 percent of Android devices are running Android 7.0 operating system whereas only 0.3 percent devices have adopted the latest Android 7.1. However, we have seen a 0.5 percent increase from last month's distribution as the total adoption rate of Nougat was 0.7 percent.

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Coming to the older version of the OS, notably, Marshmallow has also seen a slight increase in percent in terms of adoption. The figures show that from 29.6 percent users on Android Marshmallow last month, February's Android Developer Dashboard records 30.7 percent devices running the OS. On the other hand, Android Lollipop has seen the highest adoption rates with 32.9 percent.

Android Nougat adoption rate finally crosses the 1 percent mark

So what can you figure out from the above-given information is that Marshmallow and Nougat seem to have done pretty well this month. However, the case is different with all other Android versions as they have seen a decline in adoption.

As the data reveals, Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbeard are on 1 percent meaning it could be declared dead soon. We can also see a drop in Android KiKat 4.4 devices from 22.6 percent in January to 21.9 percent now. Jelly Bean has also seen a 0.3 percent decrease.

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Further, in the latest data released by Google, Android Lollipop also decreased by 0.5 percent, but despite the drop, it still is the biggest named release, with 32.9 percent market share. The oldest Android version, Froyo, was recorded running on less than 0.1 percent devices, and therefore did not make it to the list. It suggests that the OS is dead.


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