Apple chipsets perform better than rivals: Geekbench founder

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With the release of every new smartphone, Apple boasts the reveal of more and more powerful chipset. Not only does Cupertino promises unmatched performance for its latest iPhones but it has successfully delivered the same to users.

Apple chipsets perform better than rivals: Geekbench founder

Unlike its rivals from the Android fraternity, iPhones have been reported to offer glitch-free performance even after prolonged use of more than a year. We have seen earlier versions of the lineup proffering performance that Apple has delivered and this is also one of the major reasons why iOS users stick to Apple year after year even when the brand launches smartphones with few upgrades over its predecessor. We have seen it for iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S and not to forget the world's best performing 4-inch device, the iPhone SE.

iPhone 8 is the latest offering from Apple and it boasts an A11 Bionic chipset. Initial reviews of the performance of the chipset are promising enough.

No doubt Apple always presents its latest chipset under a flashing light but if word of analysts is to be believed A11 Bionic chipset is certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the processors installed on flagship Android devices.

Primate Labs founder, John Poole believes that the processor from Apple is far better in performance than its closest rival and he has a reason to believe so, "The thing that I don't fully understand is why performance has seemed to stagnate on the Android side. Where you don't see these big leaps forward. I don't understand what's happening there. At this point, you've got desktop-class performance in a handset. There's no way of looking at it any other way. I wouldn't have thought to use my first-generation iPhone to edit video. I would've thought you were crazy."

Primate Labs is the parent company of Geekbench benchmark.

Apple produces chipsets for its devices in-house which gives it an edge over its rivals. It is an impressive feat to leave behind some of the best processors offered from brands like Kirin, Exynos and Qualcomm.

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