Apple iOS 9.3 launched for iPhone and iPad users: Key Features at a glance

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Apple, at its press event in Cupertino, today announced the launch of their latest 4-inch iPhone, the iPhone SE, a smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro, new Apple Watch bands, tvOS 2.0 updates and the major iOS update - version 9.3.

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The latest iOS update has been in beta testing mode for the past couple of months and brings in a lot of new and refreshing features to iOS devices. Here is a list of the new and unique features that iOS 9.3 brings along to iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

1. Night Shift

Apple iOS 9.3 launched for iPhone, iPad: Key Features at a glance

A much-awaited feature in iOS, Night Shift, is officially making a debut with iOS 9.3. With this feature, your iPhone or iPad can adjust the blue light and contrast ratios on your display, to provide for better reading during darker environments. Apple also claims that Night Shift can also smoothen your circadian rhythms to help you sleep better, after using your iOS device.

2. Secure Notes App

Apple iOS 9.3 launched for iPhone, iPad: Key Features at a glance

A partial feature of 'App Lock' is finally coming to iOS with v9.3. You can now password-protect the native Notes app, enabling Touch ID access on it. Apple has introduced this feature in order to improve the security of the user's confidential textual information stored in the notes.

3. Intutitive News app

Apple iOS 9.3 launched for iPhone, iPad: Key Features at a glance

Another feature of iOS 9.3 is the refreshed News app. Apple has completely changed the algorithm of their native News app and it will now show articles that seem relevant to specific users. For example, if you browse for Sports related news frequently, the News app will automatically analyse patterns in your history and show you related news, the next time you power up the app on your iPhone or iPad.

4. Education on iPads is efficient

Since the launch of the original iPad, Apple has been pushing these tablets into the education sector, enabling students and teachers to interact with multiple tools that were earlier out of reach. Taking this partnership a step further, iOS 9.3 now incorporates the feature of adding more than one Apple ID of students, on a single iPad device.

There's also a new Classroom app to help teachers manage students' progress in an effective and comparative manner.

5. Health improvements

Apple iOS 9.3 launched for iPhone, iPad: Key Features at a glance

While not many changes in the Health app, iOS 9.3 brings in some smart controls for the native health monitoring application on the iPhone. It will now show relevant information according to the category of health factors that you are searching for. The app now also counts ring goals from the Apple Watch, in a graphical format.

6. Miscellaneous

All the above were the major changes that come with iOS 9.3. Apart from these, you can also see slight bug updates and performance boosts. iOS v9.3 also brings in features like iBooks PDF cloud syncing, Apple Music playlist updates and many other small but significant tidbits. Stay tuned for our full review of iOS 9.3, coming up in a few days.

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