Apple iPhone X equipped with 3GB of RAM and 2,716 mAh battery: TENAA

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Apple has always tried to keep the entire specifications of its smartphones behind curtains. Apple never mentions the RAM and the battery capacity of its devices and instead mentions the battery life and performance of the iOS devices even in the detailed tech specs on its website.

Apple iPhone X equipped with 3GB of RAM and 2,716 mAh battery: TENAA

However, Chinese telecom authority TENAA which is equivalent to the FCC in the US has given the details of RAM and battery capacity of the Apple's latest and most advanced smartphone, iPhone X. TENAA has confirmed that the smartphone boasts 3GB of RAM and 2,716 mAh battery. The specifications were also tweeted by the trusted Apple tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer who is in charge of the Twitter handle @OnLeaks.

Considering the fact that almost every flagship Android smartphone boasts more than 3GB of RAM with One Plus 5 leading the lot with 8GB of RAM, Apple is behind a lot of devices on charts. However, the performance optimization of iPhone 8 is far better than almost every other Android competitor and iPhone X will be no different for that matter.

Also, iPhone X's 2,716 mAh battery will considerably make a difference when it comes to battery life on current iPhones. iPhone 8 Plus boasts 2,691 mAh battery while iPhone 7 Plus has had the honor of getting the biggest battery ever on an iPhone scaling up to 2,900mAh in capacity.

Apple has claimed that the iPhone X will last at least 2 hours more than iPhone 7 Plus on a single charge. The claim will certainly be tested once the iPhone X reviews start showing up.


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