Apple’s ad campaign urges Android users to switch

Apple insists Android smartphones to switch to iPhones as it is safe, secure, reliable, trusted and eco-friendly.

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There is no denying that Apple has carved a niche for itself in the smartphone market. The company introduced the notch design with the launch of the iPhone X, its tenth-anniversary edition model. Now, many Android smartphone manufacturers have started implementing the same on their upcoming devices. Asus went a step further by implementing the notch design on the recently unveiled ZenFone 5 series smartphones.

Apple’s ad campaign urges Android users to switch

Apart from mimicking the features introduced by Apple, brands such as Huawei and Samsung usually take potshots at Apple in the form of their ad campaigns. Apple is a brand that rarely replies to these potshots individually. Now, Apple has released a series of short videos as a part of its latest ad campaign. In this ad campaign, the company urges smartphone users to switch from Android to iOS highlighting some of its superior features.

We have seen Samsung taking digs at Apple and iPhones via its ad campaigns. Now, Apple has managed to come up with a good response in this ad campaign comprising of four models. The company has not teased any specific Android smartphone brand or model but kept it in general for all the Android devices.

Apple Support

In one of the videos, Apple highlights the exceptional level of support it offers its customers. It insists Android users to jump on to the iPhone bandwagon as it offers a great level of support to them.

Environment friendly

Apple claims to be better than Android in one of the videos that show about the eco-friendly nature of its products. This video conveys the message that the iPhones are assembled at zero waste to the landfill facilities.

Easy to set up

The next video shows how easy it is to set up an iPhone than the Android phones. The idea is simple and it again urges users to switch from Android to iPhone to get a better user experience.

Safe and secure

The last video highlights how safe, secure, trusted and reliable its devices are. Apple's products are known to be safe and secure preventing phishing and hacking activities. This is also an important factor that makes the company insist people to switch to its devices instead of Android.

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