Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official


OPPO smartphones have always been impressive, thanks to their power-packed performances and top-notch features. Speaking of the A-series and F-series for the budget-conscious to the top-tier Reno series, OPPO phones deliver best-in-class user experience throughout their lifecycle, all thanks to ColorOS.

Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official

Packed to the brim with thoughtful features, ColorOS is up for a major revamp based on the latest Android 13 OS. I have been testing OPPO ColorOS 13 on the 2022 flagship handset Reno8 Pro for a few days, and here is my experience of the custom skin and its features.

Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official

Multi-Screen Connect

OPPO Pad Air tablet owners will adore the "Multi-Screen Connect" feature. It lets you connect your OPPO phone to a big-screen tablet to open apps, transfer files, and share the clipboard data between the two devices. Moreover, the Multi-Screen Connect extends the support to PCs and lets you cast up to three screens from your OPPO handset to a Windows PC.

The new "File Transfer" utility feature enables file transfer between PCs, OPPO phones, and OPPO Pad Air without consuming mobile data. ColorOS 13 also integrates the newest connectivity features of Android 13 like App Streaming for ChromeOS devices, Nearby Share for Windows PCs, and Fast Pair for audio devices, making me love this super cool feature.

Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official

Smart Always-On-Display

ColorOS 13 also brings a dash of new colors to the Always-On Display feature on supported devices. The lock screen on the ColorOS 13-powered devices now consumes less power by reducing the screen refresh rate to 1Hz. You can control music on Spotify, check food delivery apps, and do much more right from the lock screen without opening the relevant apps.

The Insight Always-On Display is another thoughtful feature that every phone maker should offer, and the ColorOS 13 takes it to the next level on several Oppo smartphones. The utility can help you track day-to-day phone usage to take good care of your digital well-being. When enabled, the ColorOS 13 devices can display your digital behavior on screen with a color bar tracking the number of times you have unlocked the phone and how many hours they spend on it.

Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official

With such critical data presented intuitively, the ColorOS 13 encourages you to spend more time enjoying life away from your phones. I also found the Bitmoji integration on AOD highly useful. Once you connect to the Bitmoji app, you can display your favorite emojis on the locked screen to convey feelings and emotions to match your mood.

Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official

Ultra-Computing Platform

OPPO's proprietary Ultra Computing Platform ensures that phones running on ColorOS 13 will get the best possible performance and battery life. This technology dwells on hardware scheduling, offering the best possible performance when required and toning down the same while doing regular tasks to reduce charge consumption by actively monitoring and managing CPU, GPU, RAM, and cache memory.

Meeting Assistant

If you are someone who constantly uses a smartphone for work meetings, you will appreciate OPPO's new productivity-focused feature, Meeting Assistant. The thoughtful addition in the ColorOS 13 utilizes on-device algorithms to identify ongoing meetings to enhance the virtual meeting experience. It prioritizes sending data packets during online meetings to optimize the network for a smooth network environment. It also reduces distractions by switching banner notifications to simplified notifications during online meetings.

Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official

Aquamorphic Design

The new ColorOS iteration is a visual treat to the eyes and brings along certain ease of use, which is missing from most custom Android skins on the market. The neutral blue color theme for ColorOS 13 draws inspiration from a subtle difference in the color of the water during sunrise and sunset. The 'Aquamorphic Design' language takes design inspiration from various characteristics of the life-form such as colors, fluidity, and thickness.

Every aspect of the design -- typography, fonts, transitions, and animations, feels easy on the eyes. Finger gestures glide on the new skin, and every screen transition displays subtle colors and fonts that improve the overall usability of the handset.

I loved the new system theme palettes on the ColorOS 13. They are vibrant and yet easy on the eyes. Text is easy to read on a ColorOS 13-powered device, thanks to the beautiful new system fonts and typography. Additionally, the new card-styled layout makes it super convenient to navigate throughout the UI and consume information in the settings menu, different sections, and app menus.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

OPPO has made some groundbreaking developments in the privacy and security domain. The ColorOS 13 introduces some never-before-seen security features to the Android ecosystem. My personal favorite is the new 'Auto Pixelate' feature that blurs out avatars and nicknames in chat screenshots. Your contact avatars and nicknames can be blurred with just one tap, thus protecting the personal privacy of users. Auto Pixelate also supports third-party apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

Another feature that I loved is the 'Private Safe'. The ColorOS 13 offers a dedicated on-device space to store sensitive data, which can be JPEG files, documents, audio recordings, etc. This safe space is encrypted with a widely-used AES algorithm and stores the encrypted files in a private directory, thus ensuring an extremely high level of security.

Furthermore, the ColorOS 13 also safeguards you from any potential malware attack by automatically wiping your clipboard history. The 'Nearby Wi-Fi is another highly-useful feature as it allows Wi-Fi accessibility without revealing specific location information.

I have barely scratched the surface of the OPPO's feature-packed ColorOS 13 software. With the kind of features and performance boost it brings to OPPO devices, it is no less than a supercomputing platform, which creates the most intuitive and smooth user experience. It is a testament to the brand's commitment to ensuring best-in-class mobile experiences for its users worldwide.

Aquamorphic-Design Inspired OPPO ColorOS 13 Goes Official

The ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 beta version will roll out in phases starting September 2022. So, if you have an OPPO handset, you must upgrade to the latest ColorOS 13, as it will redefine your smartphone experience.

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