Bixby Voice rolls out for Galaxy S8 users registered for Bixby Early Access Program

Samsung has rolled out Bixby Voice for Galaxy S8 users in the US and the feature has only been made available for users registered for Beta version of the app.

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Samsung has finally unveiled Bixby Voice and several Galaxy S8 an S8+ users have already received the update establishing Bixby into the system. Before you get too excited and start checking your S8 for an update let me take the privilege to inform you that the update is only available in the US and only for users who signed up for the Bixby Early Access Program that Samsung opened late-last week. The program was introduced for testing Samsung's voice operated assistant. This also means that the Bixby is still in the Beta phase.

Bixby Voice rolls out for users registered for Bixby Beta version

Users will have to take some pain in getting started with Bixby Voice. Bixby Voice will only be initiated once a user opens up the Galaxy App and updates all the Samsung Apps. Bixby will then start up and you will have to setup the voice feature by training your voice for Bixby.

Since the Beta version of Bixby Voice has already been launched it is inevitable that Samsung launches the full version for Galaxy S8 and S8+ plus devices around the globe. It is only a matter of time and it is expected that Samsung will roll out the update by the end of June.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ have gained a lot of popularity which is evident from the sales figure and although Samsung had announced Bixby Voice to be a big part of the flagship, there wasn't much of an outcry from users when they received the smartphone without Bixby.

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