Cellphone radiation likely causes no harm to humans but there’s no evidence

Are cellphone radiations really harmful? Find out…

    These days, there are ongoing concerns regarding cellphone usage. It is widely believed that cellphone usage can result in cancer, especially brain cancer as these devices are kept near our faces for a long time. The reason that this concern staring spreading is because cell phones emit radiation. We have seen many reports in the past suggesting that the radiation is harmful to us and can result in cancer but a recent research has proved it false based on a study program.

    Cellphone radiation likely causes no harm to humans


    The radiofrequency radiation that is emitted by cell phones is much lower in energy than the ionizing radiation that comes from X-rays. It is said that the ionizing radiation can result in DNA damage that can cause cancer but the radiation from the cellphones does not work that way.

    The researchers have conducted a study in which male rats were exposed to very high levels of radiation. Due to this, the rats had developed tumors around their hearts. On the other hand, the female rats were exposed to the same radiation but they did not develop any tumor. In another study, it was found that none of the mice had developed any health problems due to the exposure to radiation. Eventually, neither study came up with concrete evidence that the radiofrequency radiation can result in brain tumor. However, the researchers are still investigating the same.

    While the drafts of these studies are yet to be reviewed by other scientists, the FDA (Federal Communication Commission) limits the amount of radiofrequency radiation that can come out of the cellphones. It is said by the Food and Drug Administration that these limits are safe even on exposure.

    Notably, these studies were done using 2G and 3G frequencies and not the high-speed and advanced 4G and 5G networks. Due to the unusually high levels of exposure to the radiation, the links to cancer are mostly equivocal or ambiguous, claims FDA. Given that there are contradictory statements on the internet regarding the harmful effects of cellphone radiation, we are yet to get a clear picture about the same.


    Via: The Verge

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