Comio India introduces enhanced security features to its smartphones

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Comio India has introduced smartphone security features which are quite effective in keeping away intruders who try to get access to your smartphone. The feature does not add any high-end innovation to your device but in-fact ensures security in a simple way.

Comio India introduces enhanced security features to its smartphones

What the technology does is it takes a selfie of any person who attempts several times to unlock the smartphone. Thus the user is notified of the intruder and this stops false attempts to open the device. The feature can be used through any of the Android security feature offered on smartphones including pattern pin and fingerprint lock.

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, CEO and Director, COMIO India said, "An individual's smartphone is a window to all their personal details, be it their passwords, bank details or a plethora of personal pictures. Keeping all this data secure extremely important. Hence, the Intruder Selfie is designed to not only keep your smartphone protected but instead is a step ahead, in helping you identify the person trying to breach your trust!"

This feature is pre-installed on all the Comio smartphones along with a much-needed add-on of tracking stolen devices. In case of any suspicious activity, SIM-based alerts are shared with the registered mobile number. Several other options are also included such as the lock and unlock feature, shutdown blocker, data back up, and SIM related functions.

All these features add up to the security and privacy of a users confidential and personal data that is stored and accessible through smartphones.

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