EXCLUSIVE: “We plan to launch Meizu m3s in India around August 2016,” Leon Zhang, Meizu India

    The already overcrowded smartphone market is dwindling because of the continuous price war going on between the premium, mid-range, and budget phones.

    “We plan to launch Meizu m3s in India around August 2016,” Leon Zhang

    If the industry experts are to be believed, the future is heading towards just Chinese phones and Apple iPhones.

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    After all, Motorola has already joined hands with Lenovo for its smartphone department, HTC and LG phones are already struggling with crashing profit.

    “We plan to launch Meizu m3s in India around August 2016,” Leon Zhang

    It's only Samsung which is fighting as a premium mobile division (let's see for how long!).

    China's overcrowded smartphone market's OEMs are bringing in intense competition in the Android smartphone space even in India now, this is, by providing some great smartphones to the market at ultra-cheap prices.

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    The leading manufacturers like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Honor, Oppo, and Coolpad are some names, which are slowly and steadily overpowering the market.

    “We plan to launch Meizu m3s in India around August 2016,” Leon Zhang

    One of the China's homegrown companies - Meizu - dominated their native smartphone market for several years, before Xiaomi came along.

    Currently, if we go by the stats, Meizu has lost its thrown to Xiaomi and OnePlus for the last couple of years now, however, looks like the company has major plans to fix up its damaged sales figures, at least, for this year.

    “We plan to launch Meizu m3s in India around August 2016,” Leon Zhang

    We can say this as recently, GizBot got into an exclusive conservation with the India market head of Meizu, Leon Zhang.

    Speaking to GizBot.com, Mr. Zhang shared a lot about company's vision, expansion plans, and a lot more that's lined up for this year. Take a look at the conversation below to find out.

    GizBot: How Meizu India has grown over the past one year and what is your vision for further growth in the Indian market?

    Leon Zhang: We think India is a big market for Meizu and we've launched some of our devices over here, which customers are liking.

    Besides, we still need to develop our market in India, and we need to localize our products to meet customer's demands.

    For example, our OS must be localized to provide more useful functions for the customer. Of course, we need to work on our problems.

    Through these years that we've learned a lot by joining two cultures together and this year, we want to bring them more products into the market. Products that are higher quality but at affordable rates.

    “We plan to launch Meizu m3s in India around August 2016,” Leon Zhang

    GizBot: When you say you're planning to bring better and more products into the market, approximately, how many devices can the consumers expect from Meizu this year?

    Leon Zhang: In the second quarter of this year we will be launching the Meizu m3s (most probably around August 2016), followed by three to four more devices by the end of the year.

    GizBot: In the beginning of this year alone, Meizu successfully launched four new smartphones in China, including the M3, M3 Note, M3 S and Meizu Pro 6. Out of these, only the M3 Note made its way to the Indian market. Why is that and when the other models arriving for Indian consumers?

    Leon Zhang: Well, we are yet to understand the Indian market and we want to choose the best platform for this market. So our first product for this year is the M3 Note, and we will try to bring the other smartphones by the end of the year.

    GizBot: Is Meizu working on the Force Touch technology, similar to the iPhone 3D Touch?

    Leon Zhang: Meizu 3D Touch technology is already available on the Meizu Pro 6. But, for M3 Note and for any future products it will depend on what kind of technology could help in furthering enhancing the user experience. If the users do enjoy the technology, then definitely we will be using it in the future.

    GizBot: When it comes to the Meizu camera technology, is the company working on future innovations?

    Leon Zhang: Right now the camera is really important for customers, especially those who want to relive every moment. We look it from two aspects.

    One is hardware, where we've already incorporated the best hardware solutions. On the other hand, we have the software team working on re-writing the algorithm to enhance camera performance, and I believe in the near future you will see the improvements.

    GizBot: Apart from smartphones, is Meizu looking to enter into other segments like wearables, tablets, or Internet of Things?

    Leon: We have already built 4 smart devices back in China HQ, but it's still in the labs and not yet available in the market. We are looking for a suitable to time to bring it to the Indian market.

    GizBot: Is Meizu planning to explore offline sales?

    Leon: Our first step is online and we feel we should be focusing on one thing only at the moment to make it perfect. Of course, offline sales is another very important aspect for us, so we are waiting for the right time to go offline. But right now everything is online.

    GizBot: With Flyme OS being one of the best Android experience in the market, is Meizu planning to launch an interactive platform for the developers?

    Leon: We already do have interactive communities for developers back in China. And we are waiting for the right moment to open such a community to developers in India.

    GizBot: What about Meizu having an exclusive online store?

    Leon Zhang: We have already developed a website, but we feel it's still too early at this point in time. We feel there may be issues if we have our own stores. There may be issues between the third-party online store and our own online stores. We will launch it for customers, only when the time is right.

    GizBot: Can we expect any Meizu-branded VR headsets in the market soon?

    Leon Zhang: We are working on a VR back at our headquarters. We are using new technology to these devices. And it is our primary focus to improve customer experience and we will do everything to give them the best.

    GizBot: Is Meizu planning to launch any accessories in India to complement its smartphone range?

    Leon Zhang: Right now, Meizu has several accessories like headphones. But yes, we are going to bring more to the table.

    GizBot: And what about the next update from the UI team?

    Leon Zhang: Our Flyme UI team in China are always ready to support the users in India. And they are working very hard to bring more features to the OS.

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