Should You Buy A Smartphone Insurance? 5 Things to Know

    If you have bought any new smartphone, there are bright chances that someone has tried to sell you the mobile phone insurance for thousand bucks or so! But is it necessary? Do you really need it?

    Should You Buy A Smartphone Insurance? 5 Things to Know

    You need insurance if you...!

    Yes! You probably need a smartphone if you have an expensive phone, you couldn't afford to replace another handset if it was stolen, lost or damaged.

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    What does mobile phone insurance covers?

    Generally, all the insurance covers cased including phone lost, stolen and broken. While other insurance with extra bucks can cover accidental damage, protection for your device and the accessories.

    Should You Buy A Smartphone Insurance? 5 Things to Know

    What does mobile insurance not cover?

    Mobile insurance policies may vary widely, but it does not cover on some instance including theft without force, leaving your smartphone in place, water damage, delay in reporting if your phone is lost or stolen and if there is no SIM card too.

    Should You Buy A Smartphone Insurance? 5 Things to Know

    Do you need an insurance policy?

    Looking at the outline, the insurance policies might look good, but when you jump in depth to the details on what they really offer, it will upset you if you ever have to use it. Moreover, you will have a good idea about your phone record before you buy another. But if you are stubborn buying an insurance, then it's good to look around for a better deal in other shops.

    Should You Buy A Smartphone Insurance? 5 Things to Know

    Alternatives for the mobile insurance!

    Self Saving or Self-insurance: Instead of spending money on insurance, you can simply save it on your account, until you build up a solid fund for your next mobile. This will be the best way because, if you didn't lose your mobile till your next purchase, it's going to be in your savings account rather than the insurance company.

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    Buy a refurbished smartphone: Instead of shelling out cash from your pocket, you can opt for the refurbished smartphones, that will be less. However, it is not a big deal to find online deals.

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