Flexible memory system developed for bendable smartphones

Flexible memory system will soon become reality.

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A number of manufacturers are rumored to be developing bendable smartphones in the coming years. Some of the known names include Samsung, Apple, LG and Microsoft.

Flexible memory system developed for bendable smartphones

With bendable smartphones gradually becoming a mainstream category, it is clear that the component makers and suppliers should also come up with flexible innards that can be used in these phones. Understanding this requirement, the researchers at the University of Exeter have come up with a new type of storage system. This storage system can be implemented in the upcoming bendable smartphones, claim the researchers.

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This new flexible storage system is made from a hybrid of titanium oxide and graphene oxide. It is said that the graphene oxide was used in the manufacturing of memory components previously. However, these offer slow performance and are large in size. The hybrid of graphene and titanium oxide measures just 50nm in length and 8nm in thickness.

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In comparison to the conventional flash memory, this new flexible storage system is claimed to offer exceptional endurance and retention performance. It is also said to be available at a cheaper price. Apart from these benefits, this new storage system is likely to have a read/write speed of 5ns.

Graphene is basically a thin layer of carbon and is a good conductor of electricity in comparison to silicon. Graphene transfers electrons at a rate of 1,000 kmps. This is almost 30 times than that of silicon. Moreover, it is the slimmest compound ever discovered so far. These aspects make graphene highly suitable to be used in compact devices such as smartphones or smart wearables.


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