29 Most Weirdest Smartphone Chargers in the World Including KFC’s Meal Box Charger

    Technology is the new aspect which is spreading all around, and I guess smartphones play a very important role in taking technology to the common man. There was a time when a smartphone was a luxury, however, if we take the opinion of tech experts, it has become a necessity.

    29 Most Weirdest Smartphone Chargers Including KFC’s Meal Box Charger

    While smartphones are becoming a common object for major population globally, more and more businesses in different categories are trying to attach their selling propositions with smartphones.

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    We have heard of the term 'fashion meet technology' where a piece of cloth that you're wearing could charge your phone, however, 'food meeting technology' is something new.

    Yes, and to initiate the same one of the world's leading F&B joint KFC has come up with a meal box which can charge your smartphones.

    Well, don't be surprised! The meal box - introduced as - 'Watt A Box' comes with a built-in power bank, which will juice up your smartphone while you enjoy your meal.

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    To give a demo of the product, KFC has also uploaded a video on YouTube, to give you a brief look into - how the experience is gonna be..take a look at it below.

    Here's what the KFC India team thinks about the concept, "In today's day and age, smartphones have become as indispensable as food. Finding a charger when your smartphone battery is low can be stressful - whether in the middle of a meeting or in the middle of a meal.

    With the limited edition KFC Watt A Box, we wanted to offer a smarter and easy cool way for our consumers to recharge their smartphones while they have a 'finger licking experience!", said Blink Digital Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Dooj Ramchandani.

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    Though, all of you might not be able to enjoy this new charger concept by KFC, as the 'Watt A Box' 5-in-1 meal box will be available only in select KFC stores around Mumbai and Delhi.

    Further, the company has officially shared no information on whether this particular meal box will be available in other cities across India or not.

    However, if any of you out there, gets an opportunity to experience this new product do share your review with us at GizBot.

    Meanwhile, on the similar concept which KFC has launched for the Indian smartphone users, we take a look at 29 weird and crazy smartphone charging concepts which are already there in the global market.

    Here in the slideshow below take a look at 29 different charging concept which can juice up the battery of our smartphone.


    With this gadget, you can charge your smartphone with a cool hand turbine, and it comes with a AM/FM weather alert radio too. This one is not available in India, but you can always check eBay.


    If you're out for camping or hiking, this device will be a life saver for you. This thermoelectric device actually turns heat to electricity.


    This one is really weird! The charging device has an engine inside, which runs with a hot or even a cold drink. Visit its Kickstarter page here.

    The Solar Way

    This particular ‘bonsai' looking device has 27 solar panels, which can charge your smartphone using light.

    Environment friendly

    This is the world's most portable mobile phone charger which can be also used as a fuel cell. The best thing, it just requires water to work.

    The Fire Way

    Yes, the basic concept of charging your smartphone with fire is now a reality with PowerPot. You just need to light a fire, fill PowerPot up and as the water begins to boil, it converts heat into electricity to charge your phone.

    Solar power

    This charging gadget uses the energy of the sun to juice up your smartphone's battery, and it looks like a Sunflower.

    Wind Chargers

    This one uses the win energy.

    Electric Charger

    This one is a unique concept if you want to cool yourself and charge your smartphone simultaneously.

    For Travellers

    Another solar charger for those who love to hike to are truly adventurous.

    For Airport traveler

    A unique concept of solar charger for those who travel by flights frequently.

    Funky one!

    A pocket sized solar charger for your smartphone, accompanied with 40 hours of reading light.

    Pretty interesting one!

    Charge this one while playing soccer, and you after the game you can connect the ball with USB devices and charge your phone.

    Solar Charger Again

    This one is the sleekest and looks very classy!

    For Qi-enabled devices

    Based on the concept of wireless charging for all Qi-enabled devices (there's a charging case you can get for your smartphone to enable this) with large charging zones.

    The backpack charger

    This backpack is definitely for geeks for charging all kinds of devices.

    For all girlies out there

    Well, for all you girls, you can charge your smartphone while keeping in this purse.

    The wire-free ones

    One of the sleekest and the tiniest wire-free chargers.


    This one is a smart bag which can charge up to 3 devices at the same time.

    Potable and powerful

    This one is another portable charger which can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

    Qi compatible wireless chargers

    Here's one more options for Qi compatible wireless charger for smartphones with a 45-degree angle platform so you can read your screen easily while charging.

    For restaurant or pub owners

    This one is helpful for public places like restaurants and pubs

    Concept charger

    This one is developed by Fujilim, a concept which converts body heat from our hands to electricity using lightweight film sticks.

    Use of Renewable Energy sources

    Another concept which can convert heat from your feet into an electrical current and use it for charging your smartphone.

    Charge while running

    A concept with which you can charge up your phone while running in a park or gym. Here.

    One more concept

    This one is a green energy generator which is powered by foot air pumps.

    Charge while playing

    Another charger concept, in which you can charge your smartphone while playing this cube.

    Charge while you dance

    Yes, a concept where you can charge your smartphone while dancing or exercising.

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