Google’s In-house Smartphone Coming Soon to Spoil Apple's Party: All You Need to Know

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Undoubtedly, Google's Android mobile operating system is the leader among the rest. By saying the others, we also include the iOS and Windows platforms as well. Though Google is the dominator in terms of software, hardware wise the company has to take a giant leap.

Google’s In-house Smartphone Coming Soon to Spoil Apple's Party

Well, the Nexus devices can be claimed to be close to a smartphone made by Google, but they are actually not designed or built by Google. There are rumors that Google will be making an in-house device later this year to compete with its rival Apple. Though it is still a rumor, a report with some details have surfaced now.

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As per a report by Telegraph, Google will release its rumored in-house smartphone some time by the end of this year in order to compete with Apple in the premium device market segment. As Google is looking forward to gain more control of its Android OS, an in-house smartphone would definitely give them the ability to do so.

Google’s In-house Smartphone Coming Soon to Spoil Apple's Party

Google can get more control over the Android OS and its looks, functions, and feel. This could be the major reason for Google to be willing to produce its own smartphone. Similar to what Apple does with the iPhones, Google might be able to control every aspect of the device right from the software experience to the overall functionality.

Going by the report, Google is in discussion with several mobile operators about the nature of launching a smartphone under its own name. However, none of the carriers have been mentioned so far.

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Despite planning to launch its own mobile, Google still has plans to continue supports the Nexus program and it will work with the other partners to make the Nexus smartphones. The in-house Google phone might just serve their motive of competing with iPhone in terms of both premium hardware and software.

Google’s In-house Smartphone Coming Soon to Spoil Apple's Party

Lately, Google re-hired Rick Osterloh, the former Motorola President who is running the Hardware division that Google recently launched. This seems to be an actual move that Google has taken towards the in-house handset.

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Moreover, Google seems to be in plans to launch this device by the end of this year. If the rumors turn out to be true, Google might end up pushing the Nexus devices made by HTC as under its in-house device range.

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