Google will delete Android backups after two months of inactivity

This could be shocking for most Android users.

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Do you rely on Android backups? Well, there is shocking news for you. Google will automatically delete the Android backup if your phone has not been used for 60 days. The worst part is that Google will not inform you about the deletion before the entire Android backup is deleted.

Google will delete Android backups after two months of inactivity

A Reddit user, Tanglebrook has shared his experience via a post (via Android Headlines). He says that he was not using his Android smartphone for a couple of months and all the Android backup data has been deleted. The backup includes apps and settings. He claims that he is shocked that Google has not sent him any notification regarding the same before deleting the backup.

When he contacted the Google Drive Support, he had found that there is no option to recover the backup despite paying for the service.

It is stated that if a phone is not in use for two weeks, then Google Drive will display an expiration date below the specific backup. There will be a countdown of how long you can get access to the specific backup until it will be automatically deleted.

Given that Android has been supporting syncing apps and data to new devices since the early days, almost every Android user will have backups for the Android devices in their Google Drive folder. The process of restoring the data from Drive was reliable compared to the other sources. Eventually, those Android users who rely on the Google backups must find a solution to restoring their files in the wake of this report.

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