Have an old phone? You could upgrade it at a cheap rate in China

China seems to be the place where anything is possible in terms of smartphones.

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If you want to mod your smartphone then China may be the right place. According to the reports that have been circulating over the internet, various smartphone users have successfully upgraded their smartphones while boosting up the specifications.

Have an old phone? You could upgrade it at a cheap rate in China

And not just upgrading the smartphone but a person can literally build a smartphone out there. Yesterday only we had reported that a guy had managed to build an iPhone 6S from used and refurbished parts at just $300 (approx Rs.19,340). However, there is a new report now, XDA member Cathair2906 seems to have successfully upgraded his Nexus 5X with additional storage and RAM.

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Reportedly, Cathair2906's Nexus 5X boot looped just when his warranty expired. Thus, he approached the LG's customer service center in Hong Kong where he had originally purchased the smartphone. But the service center seems to have confirmed that they would not be able to fix the device.

While he did not receive any help, Cathair2906 sent the device to China. The repairman there was able to help XDA Member Cathair2906 successfully fix his phone and even upgraded his RAM and storage while getting a necessary CPU replacement. Cathair2906 now got 2GB of RAM added which took his Nexus 5X's RAM capacity to 4GB. His phone's storage was also expanded from 32GB to 64GB. All at a cost of $60 (approx Rs. 3,868).

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According to Cathair2906, the phone is running flawlessly so far. Additionally, he has now upgraded the device from Android 6.0.1 to Android 7.1.1 using official OTA without any issues.

Considering this and doing some research on our part, the local or unofficial smartphone centers in China can likely provide upgrades to a number of smartphones.


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