Huawei executives arrested for leaking sensitive info to LeEco

This is only another episode in the continuing patent war between the two Chinese companies.

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Today the mobile phone industry is a very innovative segment and with technical change and new product proliferation this industry has become extremely dynamic.

Moreover, the competition between smartphone making companies has intensified over the years with each company pushing their limits to create something unique and enticing.

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On the other hand, while product differentiation still characterizes the competition among manufacturers, it sometimes leads to cases of industrial espionage which is rampant in the mobile technology business. There have been cases where companies have secretly gone about sneaking into their rival's area and stealing information.

Huawei executives arrested for leaking sensitive info to LeEco

While this is quite common in mobile business, it is often not talked about openly. Competing in the mobile business is quite tough.

On a similar note, according to a recent report, six product designers at Huawei seems to have forgotten the most important rule "don't get caught" while leaking confidential data to fellow Chinese firm LeEco.

Huawei has already pressed charges against the alleged snitches and insists that LeEco stole 2 technological patents for an antenna design and a children's smartwatch from them.

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Meanwhile, LeEco in an official statement has denied receiving information from them and that the company had no knowledge of all these allegations. However, LeEco admitted that there were some patent disputes between both companies.


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