Huawei Patents Foldable Phone With Camera Bump Reduction Approach; Next-Gen Mate X?


Foldable smartphones have become a reality with brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi introducing their iteration of a foldable handset. Now, the brands are focusing on improving this display tech along with experimenting with new foldable form factors. It seems that Huawei is now ready for its second foldable smartphone. The Mate X has been the company's first offering in this segment and the newly filed patent would likely be the next. So what's unique the Huawei new foldable smartphone has to offer: Let's find out:

Huawei Patents Foldable Phone With Camera Bump Reduction Approach
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Huawei Patent Filing Reveals Unique Foldable Phone

Huawei's latest patent has been published at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (Wipo). The patent images show a foldable design with a unique design aspect where the camera bulge can be hidden and also the thickness of the device can be minimized.

The images suggest an outward foldable design. When the handset is laid flat on a surface, the upper left edge has an elongated camera cutout and the right has the bulging module. With the device will be folded outwards the camera cutout will accommodate the actual module.

This is will help with a reduced thickness which otherwise would have been impossible with the standard design. As far as the fold is concerned, the hinge placement is regular as the Mate X or the Galaxy Fold (at the centre). While there is no change in the foldable design, the new camera cutout on one end to minimize the thickness seems to be a practical approach.

Is It The Next Huawei Mate X Smartphone?

Currently, Huawei's foldable phone with a unique thickness reducing design is a concept. While the patent filing has been published, it isn't necessarily hitting the production bay anytime soon. The company still have a lot of research work to make this design official.

One of the major challenges would be maintaining the depth of the camera cutout in a way that doesn't compromise the durability or the built quality of the handset. It isn't known if this is the next-gen Mate X smartphone or just a new concept by the company. But, this is an interesting design approach which we would like to see on the table.



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