Huawei's upcoming smartphones to come with voice assistant like Siri?

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These days smartphone manufacturers seem to be pretty much interested in equipping their smartphones with some form of digital assistants. While Apple has been at the forefront of the game, Google, Samsung, LG and other companies are following suit.

Huawei's upcoming smartphones to come with voice assistant like Siri?

And now according to the latest reports, Huawei one of China's top smartphone manufacturers is gearing up to enter this competitive field with its own voice assisted service.

According to TechCrunch, the company is said to be working extensively and is already employing a number of people (more than hundred) to create the required technology. The engineers are setup at Shenzhen and they are in the early stages of developing the technology the report said.

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Another report from Bloomberg states that Huawei's voice assistant service will be programmed to communicate in Chinese languages and will be targeted towards domestic users. However, it has also be said that the company will continue to work with Google and Amazon outside China to provide such technology to its international version smartphones.

All in all, if Huawei does come up with such technology then it would be a great differentiator for the company in the Chinese market. With a possible larger sale of the smartphones, it might just even take the company higher up in the rankings in China amongst others.

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