LG G5, Nexus 5X and V20 now included in class action lawsuit

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It's already known that LG was under class action lawsuit for the way it took care of boot loop issues of two LG phones - LG G4 and LG V10. Regardless of that previous matter, the company is once again hit by the same issue. But this time for other phones including LG G5, V20, and Nexus 5X.

LG G5, Nexus 5X and V20 now included in class action lawsuit

This boot loop issue found in those phones have either bricked the devices or slowed them where LG was unable to fix it. The old lawsuit made Android fans to wonder why only those phones were listed in the lawsuit and why not other phones with the same problem. This was a common doubt arose among the people who faced the same problem on their device.

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As stated by ArsTechinca, now the Southern California federal lawsuit is updated to include other phones as well. That is, now it includes the Nexus 5X, LG G5, and LG V20. So, this edited lawsuit now covers all high-profile phones released by LG from 2015 and 2016.

Along with the above-mentioned issues, phones had randomly rebooting problem as well. The phones were not able to resist the heat. It all began with freezing, later appears slowdowns and overheating issue. Finally, all this lead to randomly rebooting issue.

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Even after facing so many complaints by the users, the company failed to provide them with the solution. Phones within one-year warranty period were replaced with the phones having the same defect. If you are out of warranty period, then you have no luck. LG refused to solve such complaints since they exceeded the warranty period.

The Magistrate Judge Paul L. Abrams offered a time until May 8 for the company to respond in court. But LG has not responded yet to this case.


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