LG K7i: Meet the World's First Smartphone that Repels Mosquitoes

LG K7i is priced at INR 7,990 and is available across retail outlets in India

    The world's deadliest creature is not what you might usually expect. It's not a Shark trying to strangle surfers in sea, certainly not Cobra in the woods and not even a Black Tarantula known to give people the creeps even in their dreams. You might not believe us and would certainly crosscheck with Google but the most number of deaths caused by an animal or any creature on the plant is Mosquitoes.

    Yes, you heard it right. Mosquitoes cause the most harm to humans and as per WHO reports, they are responsible for over 7,25,000 human deaths per year. The number is almost double than the deaths caused by humans and almost 15 times higher than the deaths caused by snakes per year. The capital of India, New Delhi alone recorded 68,000 positive blood samples for the dengue virus in city's hospitals.

    LG K7i: Meet the World's First Smartphone that Repels Mosquitoes

    LG K7i First Impression

    The situation is alarming and the conventional solutions to prevent such wide spread chaos have been proved to be ineffective and even harmful for human health. The type of mosquito's repellents we have in markets such as coils, creams, plug-ins are said to cause headaches, coughs, sore throats, nausea and dizziness. Moreover, long-term exposure to the chemicals released by such repellents often cause side-effects including allergies, asthma as well as respiratory irritation.

    The need of the hour is some sort of solution that can keep the mosquitoes at bay without effecting human's general health. One such solution can be Sound Wave Technology. Ultrasonic frequencies produced by electronic devices can disable mosquito's power and are safe to humans' health as they don't emit any harmful radiations. The technology can be utilized with some efforts and can be turned into a mainstream product.

    LG K7i: Meet the World's First Smartphone that Repels Mosquitoes

    That said, LG has achieved the feat and has introduced the world's first phone with Mosquito Away technology. Priced at just Rs. 7,990, the LG K7i is an affordable Android smartphone that can keep you safe from being the main dish at the next mosquito buffet. This truly unique product can be described as yet another technological milestone that sets a new benchmark to ensure the health of the Indian consumers with the kind of technology it packs in. LG K7i comes with one major capability that you don't normally find in any other smartphone in the market. Let's find out how LG aims to change the market dynamics with this new smartphone.

    LG K7i: Mosquito Away Phone

    LG is not new to this game as the company has already introduced products with such technology in past with its Air Conditioners and Televisions. Based on important health insights, the company has now introduced K7i smartphone equipped with the same technology. LG K7i has been certified by International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology (IIBAT). The smartphone is said to emit no harmful radiations.

    With the launch, the company is bringing the Mosquito Away technology closer to the consumers in the form of a mobile device which can be an integral part of their daily lives. As such, LG K7i has been designed to keep mosquitoes at bay while keeping you safe when you're talking to your dear ones. The smartphone is basically an ultra-sonic device that is equipped with the innovative technology that once activated disables mosquito's power to bite and transfer harmful virus to your body.

    Better Protection against Mosquitoes

    The smartphone's Mosquito Away technology is based on ultrasound waves that insects can't stand. The consumers are ensured no disturbance or harm with this breakthrough technology as the K7i boasts of Sound Wave Technology that uses only sound waves. Furthermore, LG K7i's technology is also absolutely safe and harmless as selected ultrasonic frequency based on the norms set up by global organizations.

    What makes this smartphone more desirable is that the Mosquito Away technology used is silent, invisible, odorless and perfectly user-friendly. No harmful chemicals have been used in developing this device. All in all, this latest Mosquito Away phone assures healthy environment and protection from mosquitoes without any refill or replacement hassles.


    Perfect Package

    In order to help device owners use their phone, the way they like LG also provides perfect package of normal back cover, Mosquito Away cover along with Mosquito Away stand for consumers.

    Light Weight and Wide Display

    Available exclusively in India, the LG K7i carries a "howitzer" for killing bugs dead, and when it comes to specs, the handset also packs in optimal hardware for performance.

    The phone comes equipped with 5-inch On-Cell HD (720 x 1280) display that makes video browsing and gaming experience more immersive. As it a lightweight device weighing in at 138g, it can be handled with complete ease.


    Captures Moments You Treasure in Sharp and Pristine Colors

    LG K7i flaunts an 8MP rear camera to capture moments in sharp and pristine colors. The shutter button helps to capture every moment as and when it happens instantly. Also, users will get instant, quality shots by simply tapping the area of the screen they want to focus on. Users of the phone can also create moving pictures with Burst Shot by holding the shutter button to capture up to 10 continuous photos.

    The smartphone incorporates a 5 Megapixel selfie camera with Gesture Interval shot that will help in taking the best selfie without any blurriness. Instead of using any button, users can just close their hands to start the 3 second timer for crisp selfies every time. Also, users can take brighter selfies in low light conditions with the help of a screen border that doubles as a flash.


    Power-packed Performance at an Affordable Price

    LG K7i is powered by a Quad-Core processor which is paired with 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC storage giving the power and capacity one needs. Charging worries will become obsolete as users can simply replace the long-lasting, removable 2,500mAh battery for quick switching on the go.

    LG K7i is priced at INR 7,990 and is available across retail outlets in India



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