LG's New Smartphone Appears On FCC, Looks Like a G4 VarIant

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Details regarding LG's new device have surfaced on the FCC website. A document regarding LG phone on the appearing on the FCC website shows the product number "H815PX". The phone is likely to be the G4 variant. The LG G4's product number is different for different regions. The product number for the the South American and South African variant is "H815P"

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It still unclear as to why the G4's versions in South America and South Africa will be "H815", while the US versions go by "H810" for AT&T and "H811" for T-Mobile. While, Sprint and Verizon models for the same devices start with "LS" and "VS" unlike the "H" seen in the phone models from the former two companies.

LG's New Smartphone Appears On FCC, Looks Like a G4 VarIant

The original launch of the LG G4 did not include wireless charging out of the box, rather, an optional charging cover was required to use this feature. These FCC documents show wireless charging as a major feature of this device. It seems implausible though. Its possible that this was rather a surprise by LG to stun users for the holiday season.

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It implausible that the LG G4 could be the LG G5 when the model numbers are so similar. It is possible that the new phone could be a rehashed version of the G4 or may be a second generation version of the LG G4.

The interest in the G4 stems from its model number being seen in the FCC website. Somehow, that is what the speculations all seems to be about. There have been no official confirmations from LG regarding the phone neither have Telecom providers in the US announced any such partnerships.

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