Meizu MX5: Five Best And Worst Features Of The Flagship Smartphone

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The Meizu MX5 was finally announced in India today amidst a lot of fanfare in an event in Delhi. Priced at Rs 19,999 with Helio X10 SoC and 20.7MP camera, Meizu has a lot going for it. But does it pack everything it needs to survive in the Indian market? Here's our pick on major Hits and the Misses of the recently launched MX5!

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Helio X10 SoC

The Best:

The presence of the latest gen Mediatek Helio X10 SoC with 10 cores clocked at 2.2GHz is the USP of the MX5! In a word Meizu MX5 is built like a powerhouse in terms of CPU Power. Same can't be said about the PowerVRG6200 GPU on the inside. Despite being adequate to play anything available in the Playstore, the chip is still not at par with the Adreno 430. But these are geeky stuffs and an average user needn't worry.

Tons of ‘Megapixels’

The Best:

20.7MP?! Do you need any more of those hyped megapixels? I don't think you would. Rather Meizu MX5 is the cheapest 20.7MP phone available in the market! Let's not forget that the MPs aren't always the correct indicative of a good camera. But don't worry Meizu has hit the sweet spot with this camera. Expect top notch daylight shots

Slow Motion videos

The Best:

As always Meizu has hit the right spot with their software. The camera software handles the compression associated with high frame rates extremely well, resulting in top of the line slomo videos. In fact it is better than the OnePlus One and at par with the iPhone 6.

Fingerprint Sensor

The Best:

With the MX5, Meizu dropped their traditional ‘Halo' home button and opted for a mTouch rectangular home button. The main reason for that was to integrate a Fingerprint sensor - which actually works exceptionally well. The mTouch button also doubles up as a back, home and screen off button. Stay tuned for our full review of the device to know more!

Flyme OS

The Best:

Meizu own's Flyme OS might not be every users favourite, but it definitely sports a lot of tweaks under its sleeve. Stay tuned for the Flyme OS tips and tricks article coming soon!

Not so unique design

The Worst:

This is an aspect where there's always a chance where you may either agree or disagree with me. Nevertheless the MX5 design isn't quite original according to many. Even I accept that it's kinda iPhonish. But does anyone remember who launched this design language first? iPhone or the MX4? According to me though, the MX4 looked better than the MX5. It's a little on the ugly side in my opinion. Do air your views in the comment section below.

Software Battery Bug

The Worst

This is something Meizu needs to fix as early as possible. There's no denying that the 3150mAh battery in the MX5 delivers top of the line battery life. But this could have been even better if Meizu had got the software right. The device drains way too much battery in idle conditions than expected!

To small aperture : f2.2

The Worst:

Only if Meizu improved the aperture of it's flagship device. The camera module is basically carried over from their highly successful MX4 - hence the f2.2 aperture! In an age where flagship devices are coming with apertures as large as f1.8 (take for example Mi4) this wasn't expected. The smaller aperture affects the low light shots. It's not usable by any means, but could have been better.

4GB could have been better?

The Worst:

Following the smartphone market for some time now? Then you must be aware that 4GB is the new benchmark for flagship devices. But somehow Meizu engineers thought otherwise. I am personally lite curious to know from them though. What about you?

Lack of proper service centre

The Worst:

This is something Meizu has to take really seriously if they plan to establish themselves in the highly competitive Indian market. At present the company doesn't have any proper service centre in the country. One simply needs to ship their device to Hong Kong and from there Meizu officials take care of the other stuffs. Meizu isn't unaware of the current scenario though. In fact they mentioned about their plans to start 40 service centre in the country with door-to-door service very soon.

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