Mi 10 Ultra Battery Test Reveals Bitter Truth; But Is It For The Best?


Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone series has been doing well in the market as an affordable flagship device. As a direct competitor to the OnePlus 8T, the Mi 10 Ultra boasted of a 120W charging prowess. However, a recent battery test has given us a better insight into this technology and reveals that the phone actually charges at 80W only.


Mi 10 Ultra Battery Test Reveals Bitter Truth

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Battery Details

The Mi 10 Ultra is one of the few flagships that support 120W charging technology. The phone is fuelled by a 4,500 mAh battery and also includes Quick Charge 5 support. This is what gives the phone the 120W charging power. Besides, the phone ships with the 120W GaN charger in the box giving users a chance to experience the super-fast charging technology right away.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Battery Test

To test the Mi 10 Ultra's 120W charging capability, the Android Authority ran a battery test. This test has revealed that the battery charging capability of the Mi 10 Ultra is quite slow. The report reveals that the new Xiaomi smartphone charges at just 80W and not 120W as hyped by the company.

Going into the details, the test revealed that the Mi 10 Ultra begins charging at 92.3W when first plugged in. Eventually, the speed drops to 86.4W and remains so for most of the charging time. That said, the Mi 10 Ultra is still one of the fast charging smartphones when compared to other devices in the market.

The phone takes just about 21 minutes to fully charge at 80.1W, which is pretty fast when compared to other smartphones. When charged with an 18W adapted, the Mi 10 Ultra required about an hour to fully charge - which again is pretty good.

What About The Temperature?

Generally, smartphones tend to have a high temperature when put on charge. The charging temperature of the Mi 10 Ultra has been a concern for many and this report has out that to rest. The peak temperature at 80W charging was 43.8-degree Celsius, which is quite close to the 40-degree Celsius ideal temperature.


Further, the report also clarifies that the phone doesn't maintain high temperatures throughout charging, even when at 80W. The temperature begins to drop when the phone reaches 70 percent of the battery.

In case the Mi 10 Ultra was charging at 120W, the temperature would have surely been higher. In this sense, fueling at 80W is quite okay, especially because it still saves time and doesn't spike in temperature.

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