Motorola Moto X Style vs Huawei Honor 7 vs OnePlus 2: Battle of Flagship Killers

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Huawei and Motorola both unveiled their flagships in the country a few days back. While the Chinese OEM brought their Honor series flagship dubbed the Honor 7 along, Motorola came equipped with the Moto X Style.

Packing flagship specs under the hood both the devices provide excellent value for money. However they have a bigger competitor looming ahead - the Flagship Killer 2016! Yes, you guessed it right, the OnePlus 2. So let's pit the three devices against each other and find out whether at all there are much differences between each other.

Build and Design:

Just like any Moto device the Moto X Style comes with rock solid build quality. The rubberised back provides a good grip. It has metal on the side thereby giving it a classy look. Plus it also features the Moto maker which means one can change the back cover of the device as a when required. The company will be providing a number of exchangeable back covers including a wooden back.

The OnePlus One the other hand features a slim metal profile with a plastic on the back. It has the same Sandstone finished back cover which came with the first gen of the device, albeit an improved one. The camera has been now brought down from the top of the device to the centre of the devices, thereby giving it a look of those camera centric Lumia devices. Nevertheless the Taiwanese company will be selling changeable back covers like the Moto.

The Honor 7 on the other hands opts for a typical all metal design associated with most flagship Huawei devices. There's isn't any camera hump too as the 20MP unit sits flush on the back. Below it is a square shaped fingerprint sensor which works rather well.


Moto X has a significant edge over the OnePlus Two in having a 5.7 inch Quad HD display where the latter comes with only a Full HD panel. Though it's true that a 5.5 inch 1080p panel on the OnePlus can meet all your requirements and you won't require a Quad HD display, but having one will really give the device a competitive advantage to the device. Even all present day flagships like the LG G4 or even the Samsung Galaxy S6 feature a 4K panel.

The Huawei Honor 7 on the other hand comes with a 5.2 inch Full HD panel, thereby becoming the smallest among the trio. It uses an IPS Neo Technology which results in great viewing angles and colour reproduction.



This is an area where OnePlus wins hands down, at least on paper. It features a Qualcomm octacore 810 SoC with an Adreno 430 GPU. The Moto X on the other hand sports a hexacore Snapdragon 808 inside - same as the one inside the LG G4.

Despite the fact that Qualcomm 810 has been severely criticized before, OnePlus claims to have used an improved 2nd gen of the chip which curbs down the heating issues. The first gen chip had severe throttling issues too. So we are quite hopeful that the new gen SoC will perform better.

Moto X Style features a 3GB of RAM with 16GB/32GB/64GB storage options. On the contrary the OnePlus Two comes in two variants. One sports a 16GB storage with 3GB of RAM and the other a 64GB storage and 4GB of RAM.

The Honor 7 on the other hand features an in house Kirin 930 octa core SoC alongside 3GB of RAM. However the weakest point of the SoC is the GPU as it features a meagre Mali T628 unit on the inside.



On paper at least Moto X Style has a clear advantage. It features a 21MP f2.0 rear camera with dual tone LED flash. It can shoot 4K video at 30fps. The company even claims that this is one of the best camera found on a smartphones - we have to wait and watch though, to certify this claim!

On the other hand OnePlus Two features the same 13MP rear camera from its predecessor, albeit with improved genetics. It also features a PDAF or Laser Autofocus Technology for faster focusing times.

The Honor 7 however closely matches the Moto X Style thanks to the 20MP unit on the back. However it is unable to shoot 4K video thanks to processor limitations.
The USP of the Honor is however the front camera. It sports an 8MP unit on the front which comes accompanied with a LED flash. On the other hand the other two devices come with a 5MP unit respectively.



The Moto X Style comes with a 3000mah unit while the OnePlus sports a 3300mah unit. The higher battery capacity of the OnePlus was kind of expected considering the fact that the device features a battery hogging SD810 under the hood.

However the Honor 7 with its 3100mAh battery delivers the best performance, among the lot. Much of it is due to Kirin 930 processor on the inside, which is pretty light on the RAM.



Both the devices features 4G LTE support. Moto X Style is not available in India though as of now. So are yet to know which LTE Bands it will support.

The NFC is another features that goes missing in the OnePlus. But it's present in the Moto X. On the other hand OnePlus Two features a Fingerprint Touch ID on the home button which can store fingerprint of five person!

It even works as fast as the sensor on the iPhone 6. Plus the OnePlus has bundled in an unconventional Mute slider on the side of the device. The Huawei Honor 7 too features a Fingerprint reader below the camera unit at the back. This too works impeccably well.

For all the audiophiles out there Moto X comes with dual front facing speakers just like the Moto G.



Coming to the end of the review its time to make a choice between the three. While the OnePlus 2 does pack some awesome specs for the price, it isn't an easy device to buy. Rather you have to go through the flawed invite system to land a chance to buy the device.

The Honor 7 on the other hand is easier to buy and has a far superior camera, however the Kirin SoC takes it down. So if you are an avid gamer then better not consider the Honor 7. However camera freaks who are low on budget should give the Honor device a shot.

Now the Moto X Style seems to be the most balance device among the three. Rather it ticks almost all the boxes. However do keep in mind that you would need to pay for a higher price tag. While the OnePlus 2 and Honor 7 starts at Rs 22,999 the Moto X Style costs Rs 29,999!



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