Motorola Rollable Phone Teased With 6.5-Inch Flexible OLED; What Makes It Different?

Motorola Rollable Phone Teased With 6.5-Inch Flexible OLED

Motorola has been at the forefront of smartphone innovation, especially since it launched the Moto Razr foldable phone. The brand is now venturing into rollable phones, teased at parent company Lenovo's Tech World 2022 event. It remains to be seen how well the new Moto rollable phone fares against existing devices like the LG Rollable.


The new Motorola rollable phone can be considered futuristic. It features a button on the side, which extends or retracts the screen when pressed. Lenovo teased the new rollable phone with a matching wallpaper that further makes it look unique.

Lenovo Teases Motorola Rollable Phone

The Lenovo Tech World 2022 event gave us only a glimpse of the new Motorola rollable phone. Only the front part of the smartphone was revealed, and it appears as though the screen wraps around the phone. This makes it look like it's rolling up from the bottom edge.

Motorola states that the rollable display is a flexible OLED panel. It measures 6.5-inch when extended and rolls down to "just over" 4-inch, the brand claims. This also makes the new rollable phone easy to carry around, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series.

Motorola Rollable Phone Teased With 6.5-Inch Flexible OLED

Interestingly, the Motorola rollable phone teased here showed the battery and cellular indicators, suggesting that this was an operating device, despite being a prototype. Motorola nor Lenovo have provided any more details.

Motorola Rollable Phone vs Other Rollables in Market

The Motorola rollable phone is the latest addition to the rollable market that currently includes devices from LG and TCL. The LG Rollable is one of the few unique smartphones that have hit the market instead of just being a prototype. TCL has also been working on and teasing rollable and flexible products, but it hasn't given the market a sold rollable phone yet.


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Speaking of the newly teased Motorola rollable phone, the company has yet to provide any concrete details. However, users can expect the new flexible phone to arrive in select markets, at least in China.

One can also expect this phone to be a success as it seems practical too. You can use the 4-inch display or extend it as required with just a press of a button. In this case, the Motorola rollable phone could see more success than TCL or LG, but only if it launches in a wider market.

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