New book describes the iPhone's 10-year journey

According to the book, Apple planned of buying Motorola in the year 2003.

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10 years ago, Apple then-CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, which took the smartphone game to a whole new level. Notably, even though there were other smartphones available at that time, it was the iPhone that caught everyone's attention.

New book describes the iPhone's 10-year journey

People waited eagerly for its launch, which took place in June, almost six months later the announcement. Well, if you are someone who has an obsession with iPhones, you might want to check out a new book. Titled as "The One Device: The secret history of the iPhone", the book will be released next Tuesday. Its hardcover version can be pre-ordered from Amazon at a discounted price of $18.96.

Thanks to the folks at Verge, we have got to see some excerpts from the book. It describes the journey of the company, which produced one of the most popular consumer products of the modern era. According to a Senior iPhone engineer Andy Grignon, for those working on the iPhone including himself, the iPhone ruined more than a few marriages.

The book gives us a clear idea about what gave birth to the iPhone, which ended up being a revolutionary product. It allows us to take an inside peek into the first iTunes phone, the Motorola Rokr. Basically, the strategy behind the launch of the Rokr was to drive the customers towards an iPod.

One of the most interesting details revealed by the book is that Apple wanted to buy Motorola in 2003 but changed the idea thinking it would be too expensive. Also, Steve Jobs was determined to make a product that would make history and apparently he succeeded.

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